DevScope colabora no desenvolvimento do novo Continente Online

Continente Online
Continente Online

O Continente Online mudou, está mais rápido e com novas funcionalidades. Na base deste projecto está uma nova plataforma SharePoint, e um significativo projecto de integração de sistemas e processos. A nova loja online tem uma imagem renovada e, embora  tenha um maior número de produtos visíveis, apresenta um sistema de navegação mais simples e rápido.

Recomendamos um test-drive pela loja, e já agora aproveite para usar a pesquisa baseada em FAST, que torna a experiência de compra num catálogo de 80.000+ produtos uma pesquisa rápida, mesmo para palavras tão genéricas como “Leite” – são “só” 703 produtos:

Continente Online


5th European RE/MAX Convention in Vienna

DevScope attended the 5th European Convention of RE/MAX Europe. The event took place in Vienna, between the 18th and 20th of September 2013.

RE/MAX Europe provides regular events for networking with peers from all over the world. These include business meetings for regional staff, Brokers and Sales Associates, training events and Conventions. This ensures the kind of dynamic energy that is generated by joint success.

We had an excellent opportunity to get inspired with the sessions, networking with folks from all over the region, and of course, having fun too. We would like to thank the organizers for the hospitality and congratulate the team for this excellent organization.

Sandro Pereira on Stavanger (Norway)

Sandro Pereira on Stavanger (Norway)

Last week, Sandro Pereira joined his fellow BizTalk MVPs for another successful Bouvet BizTalk Innovation Day 2013. The biggest BizTalk event organized in Scandinavia this year had approximately 70 attendees from Norway, Sweden, Italy, Check Republic and Portugal.

First day had presentations from six Microsoft Integration MVP’s (BizTalk), together with Paolo Salvatori (Principal Program Manager of Windows Azure Customer Advisory). Second day was dedicated to a more interactive hands-on labs, were each speaker had his own room and hourly time slots. Attendees could come in for a focused meeting, discussing their issues, asking questions or sharing their experience with the speakers/moderator.

This year Sandro is focusing on Best Practices and Patterns. After years of integration projects we find many ways to solve the same problems. Sandro prepared 14 different labs, each describing one set of problems (Pattern) and how to address these common message transformation challenges (Best Practice).

This was the sixth BizTalk Innovation Day event (the third this year), and we are proud to be part of one of the most important integration events series occurring in Europe. Interested in a future meeting? Please join us in the next event in Italy (October 16)!