TechRefresh session recordings are now online on Channel9

Developer Tech Refresh: Lisboa

On 15 June, Microsoft Portugal gathered around 300 attendees in Lisbon for a TechRefresh meeting – an event to update the community about new the releases and many other updates to the platform.

Our team got invited to lead some sessions supporting four speakers: José António Silva, Pedro Sousa, José Barbosa and Rui Quintino.

All the sessions were recorded and are now available in Channel9 here.

Our sessions

Docker containers – what it means for .NET Developers

was the topic presented by José António Silva (aka. Canoas) and Pedro Sousa. It meant to motivate developers for the new trends regarding micro-services and how those would impact the development, deployment and scalability in this new generation of container-based Operating Systems. The full session recording (with some audio glitches) can be found here:

Docker containers – what it means for .NET Developers
Tags: #docker, #nano, #azure, #powershell

Applications that Learn

by Rui Quintino, gave an interesting view over the cross between Machine Learning techniques and it’s applicability with some application´s aspects the developers would traditionally crafted manually. Full session can be found here:

Applications that LearnTags: #azureml, #machinelearning, #azure

Real Time Insights with Azure Stream Analytics

by Jose Barbosa demonstrated a full scenario of capturing real-time data and all the streaming, filtering and enrichment using the cloud. The scenario also included the integration with the recently launched real-time APIs for PowerBI. The session´s recording can be found here:

Real Time Insights with Azure Stream Analytics

Tags: #streamanalytics, #azure, #powerbi


DevScope BI project presented in “Porto. Domus Social” event


The Mayor of Porto, Rui Moreira, will speak at a symposium about “Business Intelligence in Municipal Public Housing Management” alongside Manuel Pizarro, the Housing and Social Work Councillor, Nuno Oliveira and Rui Quintino. This event is part of the “Porto’s Neighbourhoods – Memories/Time for the Future” program, an exhibition about the unique heritage of the city of Porto. We are proud to be part of the project team as we were responsible for the implementation of a PowerBI solution. This platform is enabling DomusSocial to analyze, correlate and visualize information regarding the characterization of property and civil community facilities inside the city of Porto city, as well as to provide a socio-economic overview of the city’s neighbourhoods.


This event will take place at the Antigo Matadouro Municipal do Porto, in São Roque da Lameira, on the 3rd September, 2015. Consult the full programme here.