Power BI Tiles for SharePoint


Earlier we published Power BI Tiles app (free add-in) that allows you to ‘pin’ those dashboards into your Office Documents, now is time to bring the same capabilities for your SharePoint pages.

The new Power BI Tiles for SharePoint app allows you to embed Power BI visualizations inside a SharePoint environment with app parts.

With this new Add-In (previous called Office365 App), now you can embed multiple up-to-date dashboards on your SharePoint pages and share it inside your organization or team.


Download “Power BI Tiles for SharePoint” here.

Learn how to use Power BI Tiles for SharePoint in three simple steps

Step1-Power BI-Tiles-for-SharePoint

Step 1: Access to SharePoint site that you want to add your Power BI tiles and edit the page by clicking the “Edit” button.

  • Note: You must have Contribute permissions on the site

Step1-Power BI-Tiles-for-SharePoint-screen

Step2-Power BI-Tiles-for-SharePoint

Step 2: Add your Power BI Tiles App part to the Page

Step2-Power BI-Tiles-for-SharePoint-screen

Step3-Power BI-Tiles-for-SharePoint

Step 3: Save the page

Step3-Power BI-Tiles-for-SharePoint-screen

Step4-Power BI-Tiles-for-SharePoint

Congratulations the process is completed! You’re now ready to draw your Power BI Dashboards on SharePoint. Enjoy it.

Step4-Power BI-Tiles-for-SharePoint-screen


Power BI Tiles


Power BI Tiles allows you to ‘pin’ those dashboards into your Office Documents.

With this free Add-In (previous called Office365 App), now you can embed up-to-date visualizations into PowerPoint presentations and Excel spreadsheets.

DevScope-PowerBI-Tiles-Excel DevScope-PowerBI-Tiles-PowerPoint

Here is a detailed step-by-step blog post explaining how to use the the new Add-in: Integrating Power BI Tiles into Office documents

But what exactly is a Tile?

A tile is a snapshot of your data, pinned to the dashboard. A tile can be created from a report, from a dataset, from another dashboard, or from the Q&A box. (source: Dashboard tiles in Power BI)


Why this app is so cool?

Now you don’t need to take snapshots of your visualizations and update your documents before a meeting or presentation. This add-in will allow you to create dynamic documents with “refreshable” PowerBI tiles, that you can share with other people even if they don’t have the “PowerBI Tiles” application installed.

Some buzz from the community:


Don’t forget to give it a try: Download Power BI Tiles

Congratulations João Sousa, our new Microsoft MVP


It is with great pleasure to announce that we have a new Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) among our team. The Microsoft MVP Award is an annual award that recognizes exceptional technology community leaders worldwide who actively share their knowledge, real world expertise, and will to help others.

“MVP have been an essential part of Microsoft and Microsoft culture for many years. They are more than fans; they are educators, advocates and above all, they are community leaders.”

Scott Guthrie, Executive Vice President, Microsoft Cloud and Enterprise Group

The road to João’s recognition included:

NET-MVP-Joao-Sousa-DevScope-contributions NET-MVP-Joao-Sousa-DevScope-contributions-2

  • Code Gallery: Check all João’s contributions here


  • TechNet Gallery: Check all his contributions here


It takes two, or more…

This will be his first year in the MVP program and we are thrilled to have two colleagues active on the program now.

“DevScope congratulates João Sousa for his new achievement as .NET MVP. All his extensive contribution to the .NET Developers Community is impressive and reflects our culture and our beliefs: that no one is limited by the size of our town or country when our potential market is Global.
We thrive to balance a quality lifestyle, to living and grow a family, while we work with people everyday sitting thousands of kilometers away. Thank you João for putting such an effort helping others succeed and for being an inspiration for many others in our team. Congratulations João”

Márcia Teixeira, HR Manager

“As developers, and problem solvers, we depend extensively from peers. Not only publicly through google, stackoverflow, technet, msdn, but also by the network of colleagues we can reach and discuss about any issue. Our life would be immensely harder if no one published about that bug, workaround or link we need every day.  Our team reflects that sharing spirit and I’m proud our people is discovering that all those seeds we plant are giving back at us good things too. Thank you João for believing.”

José António Silva, R&D Director

João requested us to share is acknowledgment here too:

“I want to thank all my coworkers at DevScope for their amazing support. Special thanks to Sandro Pereira for being such tireless mentor, helping me with countless tips to get this award.”

João Sousa, Senior Software Engineer, DevScope S.A.

TVI24’s multi-platform experience for 2015 National Elections

devscope tvi24 eleições app

It has never been easier to follow the elections using your mobile devices!

DevScope collaborated with TVI24 in the development of a new companion app for the national elections on Oct 4th. This innovative app puts the power of Microsoft DataZen data exploration capabilities, inside a fully TVI24 branded app, and available in the top App Stores. Besides the latest news and videos related to the elections, the viewers will also find the stats and results since 1976.

On election night, the app will enable a real time experience with a direct connection to the results, always enabled by simple and objective infographics.

You can now install the app using these links: WindowsAndroid, iOS, Windows Phone, or simply use your browser here: http://www.tvi24.iol.pt/eleicoes

At DevScope we are proud to help TVI24 become even more digital!

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SQLSaturday is here – reserve your seat!


For the second consecutive year, SQLSaturday is in town! And DevScope is proud to sponsor it once again. On Oct 3th SQLSaturday#429 Porto will be held at ISEP – Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto.

Our team at DevScope is already involved in the event and we recommend you reserve your seat as soon as possible too. Once again, some of our colleagues were invited to deliver sessions:

This year alignment brings many International speakers, including Gavin Campbell, Ruben Pertusa Lopez, Matija Lah, Denny Cherry, Oliver Engels, Tillmann Eitelbergand, Mark Broadbent, many more, check the full agenda here.

There are plenty of opportunities to meet us in our hometown, so we invite you all to join us in this great event, reserve your seat as soon as possible.