Power BI Tiles


Power BI Tiles allows you to add dashboards and reports to your Office  365 documents.

With this free add-In (previously called Office365 App), you can embed up-to-date visualizations into Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and Outlook emails.DevScope-PowerBI-Tiles-PowerPoint

Microsoft wrote this detailed step-by-step blog post explaining how to use our new add-in.

But what exactly is a Tile?

A tile is a snapshot of your data pinned to the dashboard. A tile can be created from a report, from a dataset, from another dashboard, or from the Q&A box. (source: Dashboard tiles in Power BI)


Why is this app so cool?

You no longer need to take snapshots of your visualizations and update your documents before a meeting or presentation. This new add-in allows you to create dynamic documents with “refreshable” PowerBI tiles that you can share with other people even if they don’t have the “PowerBI Tiles” application installed.

Some buzz from the community:


Don’t forget to give it a try: Download Power BI Tiles

Embed Power BI reports and dashboards in PowerPoint, Word and Outlook

10 thoughts on “Power BI Tiles”

  1. Can you get the “Power BI Tiles” to retain login information?
    If I want to share the file, send the file to others, or publish the file on the net, it would be great if the login information I used to create the tile were imbedded within the tile. IE new viewer would not have to log in. Obviously, I would like this information to be embedded in a way so as to not be extractable by the user.

    1. Hi Bryan, that is possible but it would be a security compromise because there’s no secure way to store the login information on the document.

      Few workarounds for sharing:

      – Use the “Show as Saved Image” (Fredrik Knalstad explains that in his blog http://www.knalstad.no/?p=545)
      – Share the dashboard in PowerBI before sharing the document


      1. Can you help with the “unsecure way to store the login information”. I can keep the document secure within my network, but I’d like to remove the burden of the end user having to log in everytime they open the file…

  2. Just trying this out to solve a printing/pagination issue. When I load some Power BI Dashboard tiles into Power Point, they appear on the screen, but when I go to print the tiles are greyed out with no detail.

  3. Hi Phil, I tried to replicate and is working fine… But if I select a printer that do not support color printing powerpoint automatically set the tiles in gray. Can you check with another printer? You can also try to set the PowerBI Tiles App in “Show as Image” (top right corner option) and that way the app is a simple screenshot.

  4. What is the advantage we get by purchasing Power BI Smart Shape when Power BI Tiles is available for Free? Is there any restriction for using Power BI Tiles with Office for Business or in a corporate set up?

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