How to embed Power BI reports in PowerPoint

One of the most requested features users ask Microsoft to add to Power BI is the ability to integrate visuals on Office 365 documents, particularly PowerPoint. Since 2016, Power BI allows users to export to PowerPoint (in preview mode), but it’s far from perfect: you must export an entire report, and the whole process is very time-consuming. Power BI users often need just a single report page or specific visual, and when that happens, they must resort to the reliable but impractical screenshot, and do some copy/pasting gymnastics.


After receiving many requests by clients and hearing Power BI users’ pleas, we came up with PowerBI Tiles, an Office 365 add-in for both PC and Mac that lets users integrate Power BI on PowerPoint, Word, and Outlook as either real-time visuals or high-definition static screenshots.

Power BI Tiles Pro has two versions, each targeted at specific needs:

Embed real-time Power BI visuals on PowerPoint presentations with PowerBI Tiles Pro Online

Click here to download the PowerBI Tiles add-in from the Microsoft App Source store.

The process of embedding a Power BI visual on PowerPoint is similar to inserting a picture, an audio clip or video. On PowerPoint for Office 365, go to the Insert tab, click on My Apps and select PowerBI Tiles. Log in to your Power BI account, and select the dashboard and tile you wish to embed in your presentation. And that’s it. You can repeat the process on the same slide or presentation as many times as you want.

Embed screenshots of Power BI visuals on PowerPoint presentations with PowerBI Tiles Pro Desktop

Click here to download PowerBI Tiles Pro from the product’s website.

After installing PowerBI Tiles Pro, open PowerPoint for Office 365 and go to the PowerBI Tiles Pro Desktop tab. Log in to your Microsoft account, and click:

  • Add Power BI – a window will pop up with a list of your Workspaces, containing any dashboards and reports. Tick the boxes of the ones you wish to add to your presentation and click Add Items;
Embed Power BI visuals in PowerPoint
You can browse all your dashboards and reports after connecting your Power BI account to Microsoft Office
  • Add from URL – a window will pop up prompting you to paste the URL of a dashboard or report published on the web. This is the URL on your browser’s window, not the one you get by clicking Share on Power BI Online;
Embed Power BI visuals in PowerPoint
To embed a visual from Power BI Online, simply paste the URL.

And you’re done. If you have a meeting coming and need up to date figures of what you originally presented, you don’t need to go through the same process again. Just select the Power BI visuals you need to update and hit the Refresh button. Any applied formatting will be kept.
Embed Power BI reports and dashboards in PowerPoint, Word and Outlook

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