Embed Power BI reports in email

How to embed Power BI reports in emails

Sending Power BI reports by email is one of the most used PowerBI Robots features and one that’s been available since its launch, back in March this year. Users have been able to send Power BI reports as an image or PDF attached to their email, but the most recent update to PowerBI Robots introduces a much-requested feature: the ability to embed those reports in the email’s body.

The whole process is very simple:

Log into the web agent, and either create a new playlist or edit an existing one.Screenshot (56)

On the General tab, select Image as the output format.Screenshot (57)

Scroll down to the Email Message, and edit it however you wish. With the cursor placed where you wish to embed a Power BI report, click the down arrow next to the pound (#) sign and either select All Report Images (to insert a token that embeds your entire playlist images in a row) or One Report Image (to embed just one image from your playlist).Screenshot (59)

If you select the last option, the token #REPORT_IMAGE_X# is inserted in your email body. Replace the X with the corresponding report number on your playlist (starting from 1) to embed it in your email.Screenshot (58)

Click Update, open the PowerBI Robots desktop agent to synchronize your playlists after these changes, and you’re done. Your playlist recipients will now be able to see the reports embedded in their emails.Screenshot (60)

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding PowerBI Robots, please leave a comment or send an email to powerbi@devscope.net.

If you haven’t registered for PowerBI Robots yet, you can do it here.Embed Power BI reports and dashboards in PowerPoint, Word and Outlook

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