Merry Christmas


Once again we would like to thank all our employees, their families, our customers, and our partners for another amazing year.  We wish this Christmas card will be a good excuse to turn off every online device and we all dedicate this time to our family and friends.

We are looking forward to an even more challenging 2018, but in this special season, we just want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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EPIA2017: AI specialists joining us here in Porto.


Philipp Slusallek, Francesco Bonchi e Simon M. Lucas will join many other speakers here in Porto between September 5th and 8th.

EPIA is a well-established international conference on Artificial Intelligence, supported by Portuguese Association for Artificial Intelligence (APPIA). The purpose of the conference is to promote research in AI and scientific exchange among AI researchers, practitioners, scientists, and engineers in related disciplines.

Rui Quintino, our lead researcher on AI, will be presenting his journey from Reports & Dashboards to applied Artificial Intelligence (full agenda here).

The event is being organized by, LIACC/UP, LIAAD/INESC, GECAD/ISEP and we are proud to support the conference too.

You can also read our city’s announcement here (PT):
Inteligência Artificial traz ao Porto alguns dos melhores especialistas do mundo

Rui Quintino’s guest Interview on Microsoft Power BI Developer Blog

Microsoft Power BI

Don’t miss the latest news from the official PowerBI Developer Blog. It features a guest interview with Rui Quintino, who talks about the latest DevScope initiatives and research around the new Power BI platform, with special focus on Power BI Developer APIs.

Read the full blog post on the official PowerBI Developer Blog and dont’t forget to install the Send To Power BI Excel App (while it’s FREE).

H.S.João and DevScope winners in the Microsoft Health Users Group Innovation Awards 2014

H.S.João and DevScope winners in the Microsoft Health Users Group Innovation Awards 2014

Winners were just announced at the Microsoft Health Users Group Forum. The event is taking place during the HIMSS 2014 in Orlando and joins the industry’s innovators from all over the world.

A full press release was published this morning at: (In Portuguese)

The announcement from Microsoft is already public here:
Microsoft Health Users Group Celebrates Recipients of 2014 Innovation Awards at HIMSS

“São João Hospital and DevScope developed and implemented the VITAL – SurVeillance, MoniToring and ALert solution based on Microsoft’s business intelligence capabilities, including SQL Server 2012 Enterprise Edition, across the hospital to help analyze and correlate the massive amounts of patient data housed and spread within its several systems. The solution automatically identifies, scores, and promptly alerts hospital staff about patients at risk for clinical deterioration, helping staff address the situation where possible. It is also able to anticipate 30 percent of intensive care unit (ICU) admissions and 50 percent of non-intensive care unit (ICU) inpatient deaths within seven days before the event.”

We are proud to be part of this team and this is yet another recognition for the results that we have been witnessing year after year.

Look forward to inspire others to do more, with less: Go BI Team!

BizTalk Summit 2014 – London


On March 3rd and 4th, BizTalk Summit event will be back to London even bigger and better! The stage will be shared by 12 Microsoft Integration MVP’s from 10 different countries (UK, USA, Canada, Sweden, Netherlands, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, Norway and India) and 4 Microsoft product group members as key speakers. There are 200 attendees expected from 19 countries and close to 100 companies represented at the event.

DevScope will be present with Sandro Pereira. This year Sandro is teaching BizTalk Mapping Patterns and also doing an introduction to the future cloud-based Windows Azure BizTalk Services Maps.

After many years of integration projects, we have found multiple ways to solve the same problems. Sandro prepared 14 different scenarios, each describing one set of problems (Pattern) and how to address these common message transformation challenges (Options, Implications and Best Practices).

– Which achieves the best performance? Is my message so big that I really need to worry about performance? Do I really need high performance?

– Can I easily maintain this map? It is easy to read and understand? What the estimated effort to change it, debug, finding and fixing problems?

– What are the expertise levels required to create and maintain this map approach? How long will it take to implement?

BizTalk Summit 2014 – London is an event organized by BizTalk360 (Kovai Limited) with co-operation from Microsoft Product Group, Microsoft UK and some Microsoft Integration MVP’s.

Join us here and follow the latest updates in our official facebook page.



TEDxOporto está de volta a 8 de Marco. “À flor da pele” é o tema da 5ª edição que irá decorrer no Cinema Batalha.

O que te deixa com os nervos em franja? Algo superficial? Não, pelo contrário: algo profundo, que mexe contigo.
Sob o tema À Flor da Pele, esta edição será repleta de emoção, sentimento, visceralidade e profundidade.
Os temas das talks incluirão a economia e a sociedade, tecnologia, ambiente, sustentabilidade e empreendedorismo social. Não faltarão as situações extremas… situações que te deixarão a pensar “Eu ouvi bem?”
A DevScope apoia pelo segundo ano a realização deste evento na cidade do Porto, e convida todos os clientes e parceiros, a participar num evento que promete por todos com as emoções à flor da pele.

Mais informações no website.

SG Q+IDI Certifications

SG Q+ IDI Certifications
SG Q+ IDI Certifications

DevScope recently met the requirements for ISO9001 (Quality) and NP4457 (Research, Develompment and Innovation) and is now certified by APCER.

We are proud to achieve this 2013 goal and we believe this milestone is an enormous step to guarantee a continuous improvement cycle in our team. The practices, processes, quality gates and feedback procedures will help us better fulfil our employees, partners and customers goals as we aim for greater and consistent satisfaction in all the services we provide.

As we celebrate 10 years as a company, we could not have a better foundation in place for next decade, and we look forward to an even greater 2014. Thank you all!

DevScope colabora no desenvolvimento do novo Continente Online

Continente Online
Continente Online

O Continente Online mudou, está mais rápido e com novas funcionalidades. Na base deste projecto está uma nova plataforma SharePoint, e um significativo projecto de integração de sistemas e processos. A nova loja online tem uma imagem renovada e, embora  tenha um maior número de produtos visíveis, apresenta um sistema de navegação mais simples e rápido.

Recomendamos um test-drive pela loja, e já agora aproveite para usar a pesquisa baseada em FAST, que torna a experiência de compra num catálogo de 80.000+ produtos uma pesquisa rápida, mesmo para palavras tão genéricas como “Leite” – são “só” 703 produtos:

Continente Online

5th European RE/MAX Convention in Vienna

DevScope attended the 5th European Convention of RE/MAX Europe. The event took place in Vienna, between the 18th and 20th of September 2013.

RE/MAX Europe provides regular events for networking with peers from all over the world. These include business meetings for regional staff, Brokers and Sales Associates, training events and Conventions. This ensures the kind of dynamic energy that is generated by joint success.

We had an excellent opportunity to get inspired with the sessions, networking with folks from all over the region, and of course, having fun too. We would like to thank the organizers for the hospitality and congratulate the team for this excellent organization.

Sandro Pereira on Stavanger (Norway)

Sandro Pereira on Stavanger (Norway)

Last week, Sandro Pereira joined his fellow BizTalk MVPs for another successful Bouvet BizTalk Innovation Day 2013. The biggest BizTalk event organized in Scandinavia this year had approximately 70 attendees from Norway, Sweden, Italy, Check Republic and Portugal.

First day had presentations from six Microsoft Integration MVP’s (BizTalk), together with Paolo Salvatori (Principal Program Manager of Windows Azure Customer Advisory). Second day was dedicated to a more interactive hands-on labs, were each speaker had his own room and hourly time slots. Attendees could come in for a focused meeting, discussing their issues, asking questions or sharing their experience with the speakers/moderator.

This year Sandro is focusing on Best Practices and Patterns. After years of integration projects we find many ways to solve the same problems. Sandro prepared 14 different labs, each describing one set of problems (Pattern) and how to address these common message transformation challenges (Best Practice).

This was the sixth BizTalk Innovation Day event (the third this year), and we are proud to be part of one of the most important integration events series occurring in Europe. Interested in a future meeting? Please join us in the next event in Italy (October 16)!