We have achieved the Microsoft Gold Datacenter competency!

We are proud to announce we’ve upped our number of Microsoft Gold Competencies to a total of 6! DevScope is a Microsoft partner since its foundation and, year after year, we are committed to having our many areas of expertise fully acknowledged by Gold status. This year, the Gold Datacenter competency joins the previously earned Application Development, Cloud Productivity, Collaboration and Content, Application Integration and Data Analytics Gold competencies, for a total of 6.

We have also achieved Silver competencies in Cloud Platform, DevOps, Messaging, Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions, and Cloud Business Applications. On top of that, we employ four Microsoft MVPs in our team, as well as the only regional director in the country, making DevScope one of the leading Microsoft partners in Portugal.

Attaining and renewing Gold status within the Microsoft Partner Network is a high priority for DevScope, meaning we are focused on achieving high-quality standards and keen to improve our ability to meet our clients’ needs and expectation, be it in consultancy and development services or delivering the best products in the market aimed at professionals.

If you wish to know how our competencies can help your business achieve better results, please contact us at info@devscope.net.Send Emails, PDFs or broadcast from Power BI with PowerBI Robots


Congratulations to Dewan Fayzur on winning the Animal Behavior Challenge 2018!

Our esteemed colleague Dewan Fayzur, data scientist, recently won the Animal Behavior Challenge (ABC) 2018, a CodaLab competition organized by the Symposium on Systems Science of Bio-Navigation, and sponsored by Technosmart.

The goal of the challenge was to predict the gender of streaked shearwaters from their GPS trajectory using Machine Learning. The bird colony was located in the small island of Awashima, Japan, and consisted of approximately 84,000 specimens. Thanks to data loggers attached to the legs of 631 birds, it was possible to determine that males and females use different cues and trajectories, meaning it’s possible to predict their gender from the way they navigate.

Using Machine Learning to predict bird gender
The blue trajectory is male, red is female.

You can read Fayzur’s winning submission at the Cornell University Library ArXiv to learn all the technicalities of the project. You can also find the project’s source code on Github.

As part of the award, Fayzur will be traveling to Kyoto and attending the Symposium on Systems Science of Bio-Navigation 2018, from 5-6 September. We wish him a well-deserved fantastic time!

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Congratulations to our renewed Microsoft MVPs!

For the second year, Microsoft announced their MVP awards in an annual cycle instead of once every 3 months, and we are delighted to see 3 of our collaborators renewing their status in this very special community:

  • João Sousa, Visual Studio and Development Technologies MVP
  • Rui Romano, Data Platform MVP
  • Sandro Pereira, Microsoft Azure MVP

In addition to them, we also rely on the precious knowledge of Pedro Sousa, Microsoft Azure MVPfirstly awarded back in March this year – and José António Silva, Microsoft Regional Director.

The Microsoft MVP Award honors technology experts who show a deep commitment to a particular area of Microsoft technological innovation and make exceptional contributions to its communities by providing expert feedbacks, organizing or participating in events, or creating content. This award reflects their huge dedication and community spirit.

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Congratulations to Pedro Sousa, the newest Microsoft Azure MVP!

We are quite pleased to announce that our very own Pedro Sousa, IT Systems Engineer, has been presented the 2018-2019 Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award in recognition of his exceptional contributions to the Microsoft Azure community.

Pedro Sousa has been with DevScope for over 4 and a half years and this Microsoft MVP award is a well-deserved and long-time coming recognition of his 20+ years of experience managing Microsoft-based corporate infrastructures. The MVP award makes him part of a selected group of professionals who, through sheer effort and relentless dedication to the community, are among the very best on the planet working on the Azure platform for cloud computing.

“I’m so, so proud! Thank you DevScope for allowing me to pursue this achievement and to do so many community events to spread the knowledge!”

Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) is an annual award given to outstanding members of Microsoft’s technical communities. We are honored to currently have 4 Microsoft MVPs working on our team at DevScope:

Pedro Sousa: Microsoft Azure MVP

João Sousa: Visual Studio and Development Technologies MVP

Rui Romano: Data Platform MVP

Sandro Pereira: Microsoft Azure MVP & Visio MVP

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Free Power BI Tiles Pro NFR license for Microsoft MVPs


Congratulations to this year’s MVPs who have recently received their new designations!

And to recognize your valuable work in local and worldwide communities, DevScope is very pleased to provide a free Power BI Tiles Pro not-for-resale (NFR) license (for 1 year) to all Microsoft Most Value Professional (MVP).

This NFR license will give you unlimited access to:

  • Power BI Tiles Pro Desktop for Office: These are Office Add-ins that allows you to embed your, or your team’s Power BI Visuals into your PowerPoint presentations, Word documents and Outlook Messages quickly and directly without leaving office in seconds.
  • Power BI Tiles Online: This is an online version of Power BI Tiles that will allow you to embed Power BI visualizations into office documents (Access Online, Excel 2013 Service Pack 1 (or higher), Excel Online, PowerPoint 2013 Service Pack 1 (or higher), PowerPoint Online).

To access this offer, you only have to submit this form. We will review your information and contact you to set up your account.

If you have any questions regarding Power BI Tiles Pro or this offer, just send us an email to support@devscope.net.

*By submitting your contact information, you authorize DevScope to contact you via email about its products, services and special offers. However, we respect your privacy and we will never sell your contact information and you are free to unsubscribe our newsletters at any time.

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Congratulations Rui Romano, our new Microsoft MVP


We are happy to confirm that in our team, we have a new Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP): Rui Romano, awarded as Data Platform MVP for his contributions to offline and online Microsoft-related technical communities.

We are thrilled to have such outstanding technical professional in our team and we would like to congratulate Rui for this MVP nomination. He will now join an exceptional group of individuals from around the world who have demonstrated a willingness to reach out, share their technical expertise with others and help individuals maximize their use of technology.

“I’m proud to see Rui receiving this award, he is a brilliant technician and it has been a pleasure to see him grow both at a professional and personal level in these last 11 years that we work together. Thank you for putting such an effort helping others succeed and for being an inspiration for many others in our team. Congratulations Rui.”

Márcia Teixeira, Human Resources Manager at DevScope

Rui requested us to share his acknowledgment here:

“I’m deeply honored and humbled by this award that recognizes my work around Microsoft Data Platform Communities.

Although this award is viewed as a personal achievement it couldn’t be done without the help & backup from my fellow team mates at DevScope especially the BI & Data Analytics Team!

Thank You!”

Rui Romano, Manager & Senior Architect at DevScope

Most Valuable Professional is an annual award given to outstanding members of Microsoft’s technical communities. And we have the honor to have currently 3 Microsoft MVPs amongst our team:

Thank you all for their community efforts, showcasing their passions and drive to offer customers most valuable solutions in their business areas.

Sandro Pereira is back as MVP


Microsoft has been recognizing Sandro Pereira’s work for quite some time and just announced the renewal of his MVP for the 7th consecutive time.

Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals, or MVPs, are technology experts who passionately share their knowledge with the community and Sandro was distinguished by his public contributions in the Integration (BizTalk) and Cloud (Microsoft Azure) space.

DevScope is very proud to have in it’s staff an exceptional professional, that started his journey in 2011 as BizTalk MVP and, since then, has continuously delivered presentations all over Europe about Enterprise Integration competencies (BizTalk Server, API Management, App Services, Logic Apps, Azure Functions, SharePoint Integration, PowerApps and Flow).

Sandro can be reached in his many channels: blog, twitter, book, wiki, foruns, whitepapers and public-speaking events.

Congratulations Sandro!

Congratulations Rui Quintino, our new Microsoft MVP


It is with great pleasure that we announce another Microsoft Most Valuable Professional recognized in our team: Rui Quintino, awarded as Data Platform MVP.

The Microsoft MVP Award is an annual award given to outstanding members of Microsoft’s technical communities based on contributions made during the previous 12 months to offline and online Microsoft-related technical communities. These technical communities foster the free and objective exchange of knowledge, thereby creating a reliable source of independent, real-world expertise that benefits everyone. The Microsoft MVP Award recognizes exceptional technical community leaders worldwide who actively share their knowledge with other technical community members.

Rui requested us to share is acknowledgment here:

I feel deeply honored with this award, and want to thank my DevScope coworkers & team mates for all the support, dedication, deep expertize & truly amazing team work. Above all, thank you for teaching me so much through these years & being an inspiration every single day on making the world a better place through the use of data and Microsoft Data Platform.

Rui Quintino, Manager & Senior Architect, DevScope S.A.

It takes two, or more…

According to Scott Guthrie, MVP’s are community leaders and they have been an essential part of Microsoft and Microsoft culture for many years. – and we are pleased to have now three on our team.

This way, we also like to congratulate Sandro Pereira for his sixth renewal in the MVP program, initially as BizTalk, but recently as an Azure MVP.

Congratulations João Sousa, our new Microsoft MVP


It is with great pleasure to announce that we have a new Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) among our team. The Microsoft MVP Award is an annual award that recognizes exceptional technology community leaders worldwide who actively share their knowledge, real world expertise, and will to help others.

“MVP have been an essential part of Microsoft and Microsoft culture for many years. They are more than fans; they are educators, advocates and above all, they are community leaders.”

Scott Guthrie, Executive Vice President, Microsoft Cloud and Enterprise Group

The road to João’s recognition included:

NET-MVP-Joao-Sousa-DevScope-contributions NET-MVP-Joao-Sousa-DevScope-contributions-2

  • Code Gallery: Check all João’s contributions here


  • TechNet Gallery: Check all his contributions here


It takes two, or more…

This will be his first year in the MVP program and we are thrilled to have two colleagues active on the program now.

“DevScope congratulates João Sousa for his new achievement as .NET MVP. All his extensive contribution to the .NET Developers Community is impressive and reflects our culture and our beliefs: that no one is limited by the size of our town or country when our potential market is Global.
We thrive to balance a quality lifestyle, to living and grow a family, while we work with people everyday sitting thousands of kilometers away. Thank you João for putting such an effort helping others succeed and for being an inspiration for many others in our team. Congratulations João”

Márcia Teixeira, HR Manager

“As developers, and problem solvers, we depend extensively from peers. Not only publicly through google, stackoverflow, technet, msdn, but also by the network of colleagues we can reach and discuss about any issue. Our life would be immensely harder if no one published about that bug, workaround or link we need every day.  Our team reflects that sharing spirit and I’m proud our people is discovering that all those seeds we plant are giving back at us good things too. Thank you João for believing.”

José António Silva, R&D Director

João requested us to share is acknowledgment here too:

“I want to thank all my coworkers at DevScope for their amazing support. Special thanks to Sandro Pereira for being such tireless mentor, helping me with countless tips to get this award.”

João Sousa, Senior Software Engineer, DevScope S.A.

Parabéns Sogrape, melhor produtora do mundo!


A Sogrape Vinhos foi considerada a melhor produtora vitivinícola a nível mundial de 2015 pela World Association of Writers and Journalists of Wines and Spirits (WAWWJ). O prestigiado ranking das 100 melhores produtoras mundiais, elaborado pela organização mundial dos críticos e jornalistas especializados, baseia-se em critérios de análise muito rigorosos, nomeadamente a avaliação dos prémios conquistados por cada produtor num conjunto selecionado de concursos internacionais realizados ao longo do ano.

São momentos como este que nos inspiram, e é um orgulho trabalhar com os melhores profissionais e que nos desafiam também fazer sempre mais e melhor. Os nossos parabéns a todos os colaboradores, parceiros e clientes da Sogrape!

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