Azure Analysis Services ready for production!


Microsoft announced today the general availability of Microsoft Azure Analysis Services, the latest addition to their data platform in the cloud. Built on the on-premises analytics engine in SQL Server, Azure Analysis Services provides enterprise-grade data modeling in the cloud.

We have been lucky to be part of the early previews and we already have customers in production. The announcement (Announcing Azure Analysis Services general availability) even quotes our BI Team Manager, Rui Romano:

“One of the great advantages of using Azure Analysis Services and Power BI is that it gives us the flexibility to start small and scale up only as fast as we need to, paying only for the services we use. We also have a very dynamic security model with Azure Analysis Services and Azure Active Directory and in addition to providing row-level security, we use Analysis Services to monitor report usage and send automated alerts if someone accesses a report or data record that they shouldn’t.”

We want to congratulate the Microsoft Business Intelligence team for reaching another important milestone!

Congratulations Rui Romano, our new Microsoft MVP


We are happy to confirm that in our team, we have a new Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP): Rui Romano, awarded as Data Platform MVP for his contributions to offline and online Microsoft-related technical communities.

We are thrilled to have such outstanding technical professional in our team and we would like to congratulate Rui for this MVP nomination. He will now join an exceptional group of individuals from around the world who have demonstrated a willingness to reach out, share their technical expertise with others and help individuals maximize their use of technology.

“I’m proud to see Rui receiving this award, he is a brilliant technician and it has been a pleasure to see him grow both at a professional and personal level in these last 11 years that we work together. Thank you for putting such an effort helping others succeed and for being an inspiration for many others in our team. Congratulations Rui.”

Márcia Teixeira, Human Resources Manager at DevScope

Rui requested us to share his acknowledgment here:

“I’m deeply honored and humbled by this award that recognizes my work around Microsoft Data Platform Communities.

Although this award is viewed as a personal achievement it couldn’t be done without the help & backup from my fellow team mates at DevScope especially the BI & Data Analytics Team!

Thank You!”

Rui Romano, Manager & Senior Architect at DevScope

Most Valuable Professional is an annual award given to outstanding members of Microsoft’s technical communities. And we have the honor to have currently 3 Microsoft MVPs amongst our team:

Thank you all for their community efforts, showcasing their passions and drive to offer customers most valuable solutions in their business areas.

Have you already tried Power BI Tiles Pro?


Time is too valuable for screen clipping and low-quality images “copy and paste”. Power BI Tiles Pro has a new desktop version with much cooler features that will allow you to embed your Power BI Visuals in seconds and become more agile and productive. So, stop wasting valuable time and open your favorite Office product (Outlook, Word or PowerPoint), login and navigate thru Power BI directly from Office and embed your, or your team’s dashboard and reports… yes! It is astonishing that so simple!


What’s Power BI Tiles Pro?

Power BI Tiles Pro is a “pack” composed by two versions of the product:

  • Power BI Tiles Pro Desktop for Office: These are Office Add-ins that allows you to embed your, or your team’s Power BI Visuals into your PowerPoint presentations, Word documents and Outlook Messages quickly and directly without leaving office in seconds.
  • Power BI Tiles Online: This is an online version of Power BI Tiles that will allow you to embed Power BI visualizations into office documents (Access Online, Excel 2013 Service Pack 1 (or higher), Excel Online, PowerPoint 2013 Service Pack 1 (or higher), PowerPoint Online).

What’s Power BI Tiles Pro Desktop for Office? How does it work? What’s new?

These Office Add-ins will allow you to embed your, or your team’s Power BI Visuals (dashboards and reports) directly into your Office documents allowing you also to perform effects operations with it, like formatting to appear with shadows or performing, but most important, selectively update/refresh those visuals at any time keeping the shapes with the original format with just one click.

“Quite simply, a MUST-HAVE Power BI add-in”. Jonas Young

“The missing piece for Power BI integration into office. Simply fantastic”. Paul Stevens

“Awesome work. Top add-in. Worked perfectly for me. You guys rock!” Stewart Langley

You can now install Power BI Tiles Pro: Online and Desktop:

  • Download Power BI Tiles Pro Online from the Microsoft Store
    • Note: To install Power BI Tiles Pro Online follow the steps described on the Microsoft Store
  • Download Power BI Tiles Pro Desktop zip package
    • To install Power BI Tiles Pro Desktop, unzip the file downloaded previously from the website and install the executable add-in files (one for each Microsoft product – Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Outlook)
    • Run the setup program and follow the instructions shown on your screen for the installation program.

To activate your license, you just need to register with your Power BI account (on the online or desktop version). To receive the activation keys, go to our store. You will receive an email with your 4-activation key: one to the online solution and three others to use for each module of the desktop solution.


To activate your licenses:

  • On Power BI Tiles Pro Online: Click on “Store” button, open the “Activate license” tab and insert the online activation key provided
  • On Power BI Tiles Pro Desktop: Open the add-in tab in each Microsoft product, click on “Activate license” and insert the activation key provided for that specific product

Fill free to try the product and check some of the new and improved features of Power BI Tiles Pro:

  • Add Power BI Visuals: Add Power BI visuals (dashboard tiles & reports) into your slide deck, Word document or Outlook message with a powerful Power BI interactivity and experience
    • And we now support Power BI Public Web Reports – *new*


  • Manual & Automatic Refresh Process: Automate the Refresh process to ensure all images regenerate using the latest data in
    • You can now not only insert but also update or refresh in real-time your Power BI visuals keeping the inserted shapes or visuals with the same applied format. Power BI Tiles Pro will allow you to update the static images with the latest data from Power BI while keeping all formats, resizes, and locations intact.


  • High Definition Images: Use high definition static images when embedding and apply any kind of styles or formatting


  • Visuals catalog preview: Preview and select the items to insert while navigating through your Power BI visuals catalog.


Why is this app so cool?

Now you don’t need to take snapshots of your visualizations and update your documents before an important meeting or presentation. These add-ins will allow you to create dynamic documents with “refreshable” Power BI Visuals, that you can share with other people even if they don’t have the Power BI Tiles Pro installed.

Don’t forget to give it a try and give us your feedback. Download Power BI Tiles Pro.

Sector público reúne no Porto


A Microsoft está sempre em movimento para desenvolver as tecnologias mais inovadoras e para ficar mais próxima das necessidades das comunidades locais.

Desta vez irá estar no Porto para apresentar as últimas inovações direccionadas para o sector público e focadas no desenvolvimento da região e das cidades.

Mais uma vez a DevScope foi convidada para partilhar da sua experiência e casos de sucesso. Rui Quintino [Data Plataform MVP] e Manuela Álvares (Domus Social Porto) estarão a representar as respectivas perspectivas num dos mais pioneiros projectos de Azure (cloud) e PowerBI.

O evento irá ocorrer no próximo dia 16 de Março na Biblioteca Municipal Almeida Garrett no Porto entre as 9h15 e as 13h00.

Confira a agenda abaixo:

As inscrições são limitadas, se ainda não recebeu o seu convite, contacte-nos para

Congratulations Rui Quintino, our new Microsoft MVP


It is with great pleasure that we announce another Microsoft Most Valuable Professional recognized in our team: Rui Quintino, awarded as Data Platform MVP.

The Microsoft MVP Award is an annual award given to outstanding members of Microsoft’s technical communities based on contributions made during the previous 12 months to offline and online Microsoft-related technical communities. These technical communities foster the free and objective exchange of knowledge, thereby creating a reliable source of independent, real-world expertise that benefits everyone. The Microsoft MVP Award recognizes exceptional technical community leaders worldwide who actively share their knowledge with other technical community members.

Rui requested us to share is acknowledgment here:

I feel deeply honored with this award, and want to thank my DevScope coworkers & team mates for all the support, dedication, deep expertize & truly amazing team work. Above all, thank you for teaching me so much through these years & being an inspiration every single day on making the world a better place through the use of data and Microsoft Data Platform.

Rui Quintino, Manager & Senior Architect, DevScope S.A.

It takes two, or more…

According to Scott Guthrie, MVP’s are community leaders and they have been an essential part of Microsoft and Microsoft culture for many years. – and we are pleased to have now three on our team.

This way, we also like to congratulate Sandro Pereira for his sixth renewal in the MVP program, initially as BizTalk, but recently as an Azure MVP.

DataZen, PowerBI, Stream Analytics and Azure Data Factory: session recordings are now online on Channel9


On 21 October, Microsoft Portugal gathered around 300 attendees in Lisbon for a Microsoft Data Platform Airlift – an event designed to show you what you can do with the new generation of Microsoft solutions. These session follow the latest trends and are helping the technical community to master the new platform opportunities. Throughout the day the attendees were able to learn what they can achieve with the new SQL Server, explorer what’s new in Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing platform and the potential of the new cloud analytics and BI services supported on Microsoft Azure.

Once again, our team got invited to lead some sessions and to testify at the Keynote. Our three speakers were: José António Silva, José Barbosa and Rui Quintino.

All the sessions were recorded and are now available in Channel9 here.

Our sessions


In this opening session, Paulo Mena made an overview of the new features available in the Microsoft Data Platform and demonstrated their potential with live demos and testimonials from real cases of customers. Jose Antonio Silva (DevScope/TVI24Eleições) and Margarida Saragoça (Vieira de Almeida, Advogados) were the guest speakers. The full session recording can be found here:


Tags: #tvi24, #datazen, #azure, #powerbi

Real Time Analytics with Azure, DataZen, Power BI and Stream Analytics

by Rui Quintino, as usual he gave us one of the best session of the event, offering an interesting overview in how to combine Azure, DataZen, Power BI and Stream Analytics to enable real time analytics. Full session can be found here:


Tags: #azure, #datazen, #powerbi, #streamanalytics

Data Pipelines with Azure Data Factory

Either your data is on-premises or in the cloud, for sure you want to do something useful with it. In this session Jose Barbosa demonstrated why you just need a pipeline to aggregate, transform or move data to somewhere else.  The session´s recording can be found here:


Tags: #azure, #datafactory #ssis

Power BI Tiles for SharePoint


Earlier we published Power BI Tiles app (free add-in) that allows you to ‘pin’ those dashboards into your Office Documents, now is time to bring the same capabilities for your SharePoint pages.

The new Power BI Tiles for SharePoint app allows you to embed Power BI visualizations inside a SharePoint environment with app parts.

With this new Add-In (previous called Office365 App), now you can embed multiple up-to-date dashboards on your SharePoint pages and share it inside your organization or team.


Download “Power BI Tiles for SharePoint” here.

Learn how to use Power BI Tiles for SharePoint in three simple steps

Step1-Power BI-Tiles-for-SharePoint

Step 1: Access to SharePoint site that you want to add your Power BI tiles and edit the page by clicking the “Edit” button.

  • Note: You must have Contribute permissions on the site

Step1-Power BI-Tiles-for-SharePoint-screen

Step2-Power BI-Tiles-for-SharePoint

Step 2: Add your Power BI Tiles App part to the Page

Step2-Power BI-Tiles-for-SharePoint-screen

Step3-Power BI-Tiles-for-SharePoint

Step 3: Save the page

Step3-Power BI-Tiles-for-SharePoint-screen

Step4-Power BI-Tiles-for-SharePoint

Congratulations the process is completed! You’re now ready to draw your Power BI Dashboards on SharePoint. Enjoy it.

Step4-Power BI-Tiles-for-SharePoint-screen