Ativar Portugal Startups


The mindset behind “Ativar Portugal” is to support entrepreneurs and the startup ecosystem in Portugal by developing a strong community of innovators, government, venture capitalists and accelerators. And in it’s third edition, this years’ Ativar Portugal event is all about taking the ecosystem to the next level – focused on deep tech.

Ativar Portugal is the biggest Microsoft event in Portugal dedicated to innovation and entrepreneurship.

DevScope is happy to have been invited to join this year’s gathering event, represented by José António Silva who will carry out the Deep Tech keynote.
Here you will find disruptive discussion panels, successful case studies, and innovative sessions, all of them focused on deep tech.
If you want to know more about what will happen during the day, check out the agenda and featured speakers here! The morning event sessions are by invitation only but you can watch them on live streaming here.
The goal is to inspire and get inspired by showcasing incredible and the most innovative things that are being done at the moment and how they are changing the world!
See you there!

Power BI Workshop


Aprenda a utilizar o Microsoft Power BI a partir do zero, abordando as três fases de um projeto em Power BI:

  • Extração e importação dos dados
  • Criação do modelo analítico
  • Design e publicação de Reports e Dashboards

O Microsoft Power BI é uma oferta SaaS (Software as a Service) da Microsoft que permite a qualquer pessoa facilmente criar valor a partir dos seus dados pessoais ou empresariais. Pensado e criado para ajudar as organizações a tirar o máximo partido dos seus dados independentemente da sua localização – on premise ou na cloud.


Com o Power BI as organizações podem fornecer aos seus utilizadores um local centralizado e seguro para consumo de Dashboards e Relatórios. Com um clique, os utilizadores podem explorar os dados usando ferramentas intuitivas que facilitam a análise pretendida, sendo possível aceder a relatórios em qualquer lugar com as aplicações moveis Power BI que se atualizam em tempo real com qualquer alteração da informação.

No final do workshop terá a capacidade de dar vida e interatividade aos seus dados utilizando toda a stack do Microsoft Power BI.

Programa de formação

Dia 1
  • Introdução
  • Introdução PBI Desktop
    • Extração & Transformação de dados
    • Modelação
    • Reporting
  • Publicação p/
    • DataSets + Reports + Dashboards
  • PowerBI + Mobile
  • PowerBI + Excel
Dia 2
  • PBI Desktop Avançado
    • Extração & Transformação avançada
    • Modelação avançada
    • Reporting avançado
  • Colaboração e Partilha
Dia 3
  • Atualização de dados (gateways)
  • Segurança
  • PowerBI + R
  • PowerBI “Hacks”
  • Q&A
  • “Bring your own data”

Custos e outras informações

Custo: 350€ por pessoa (c/ mínimo de 5 pessoas)

Formação sob pedido, nas instalações próprias ou da DevScope.

Centros de formação interessados em oferecer este workshop como um curso público podem contactar-nos para mais informações.

Nota: Os valores não incluem taxas em vigor.

Congratulations to our new MVP Sandro Pereira

Sandro Pereira has been awarded as a Microsoft® Most Valuable Professional (MVP) . The Microsoft MVP Award is an annual award that recognizes exceptional technology community leaders worldwide who actively share their high quality, real world expertise, and will to help others.

“[…]By sharing their knowledge and experiences, and providing objective feedback, they help people solve problems and discover new capabilities every day. MVPs are technology’s best and brightest, and we are honored to welcome Sandro as one of them.”
Rich Kaplan, Corporate Vice President, Customer and Partner Advocacy, Microsoft Corporation

The road to sucess included:


DevScope will be at cTIC2010

cTIC2010 is a conference on Technology and Communication that is held annually by the Informatics department (DI) of the Escola Superior de Tecnologia e Gestão de Viseu (ESTGV). This year is its 10th edition and it is focused on Human-Computer Interaction (HCI).
The event will take place at the Aula Magna of the Instituto Politécnico de Viseu (IPV), this Wednesday, the 27th of October, and will be home to some great speakers and some of the most recent advances in the field of HCI, with some practical examples and applications as well as its impact in our everyday lives.
DevScope will also be participating in the event with a Speaker, Marco Silva, which will be speak about Microsoft Surface in a talk entitled “Microsoft Surface – Behind the Scenes”. In his talk Marco will try to show the key features in Microsoft’s revolutionary  NUI technology, and how developers, Software Architects, UX Designers, and even users can take advantage of this technology.
You can check out the conference program at their site –

Agile Portugal Conference, with DevScope’s support

It’s almost starting AGILE Conference here in Porto and we will have here Dave Thomas, Joseph Yoder, Jutta Eckstein, Lachlan Heasman, Nicolai Josuttis, Peter Sommerlad and many other.

 “Agile methods strive to deliver business value early in the project lifetime and to adapt to changing requirements. They leverage the use of “high-bandwidth” and informal communication, supporting the human side of software development while delivering running, tested systems.

Agile Portugal 2010 will be an international conference about Agile software development and its practices, technologies, attitudes and experiences. Created by practitioners, for practitioners, it is suited for both experts and beginners in Agile methods. Rather than focusing on a single methodology, it will be a forum for all Agile development approaches.”

We hope to meet many other SCRUM practitioners during these days and wish all speakers and attendees an extraordinary stay here in Porto.

Meanwhile we want to congratulate our colleague Bernardo Antunes for getting this week his Certified ScrumMaster with Mitch Lacey

Marco Silva speaker at UX Lx 2010

UX Lx is a User eXperience Conference that was held at FIL in Parque das Nações, Lisbon during the 12th, 13th and 14th May 2010.

The UX Lx was the largest event ever held in Portugal on Usability and User eXperience, with many renowned professionals, workshops and a very interesting program.

Our colleague Marco Silva was the only Portuguese invited to talk about “How Natural User Interfaces are changing Human Computer Interaction”.

Marco talked about the way that NUI are influencing Human Computer Interaction. He started by explaining the way that Hardware has evolved from the Keyboard, to multi-touch and gesture based interfaces and how it allowed for new forms of interactions to emerge. He also talked about User Interface Metaphors and how they changed from the Keyboard and Mouse interface to Gesture based interfaces.

See the program here.

TechDays 2010 is now!Come with us

TechDays is a Microsoft event, that is taking place this week in Portugal. 

This annual “deep dive” technical  conference presents the latest Microsoft news & technologies for end users, developers and IT professionals. 

At TechDays 2010, DevScope will be presenting sessions on all the 3 days, see the program here.

Join us at Microsoft WebDay 2010

The WebDay brings you the Web trends and innovation: the future of technologies such as Silverlight, Internet Explorer, Expression, ASP.NET and Windows Azure.
A full day, with three tracks, 16 sessions and the best national speakers. Guests also have the opportunity to share best practices with the Community Web.
The Webday is designed for Web Developers, Developers, Information Architects, Graphic Designers, User Experience professionals, Digital Marketeers … and to all who share concern about the future of the Web will bring.
DevScope will be represented by José António Silva, Carlos Fernandes and Bernardo Antunes.

DevScope @ TSF Made in Portugal

The “TSF Made in Portugal” program presents innovative, creative and technological companies of our country. The edition of November, 18, focused on DevScope as a technology and innovative company.
This TSF program showed DevScope business and creative capacity, focused on the new products like Portal Executivo and SmartDocumentor.

Listen podcast

DevScope attends SQL Bits Event

DevScope Business Intelligence Specialist, Rui Romano, will be attending the SQL Bits “Business Intelligence & SQL Server Event” at South Wales. The event gathers some of the most influent speakers & authors working in the Microsoft Business Intelligence platform, like Donald Farmer, Chris Web, Andrew Fryer, Jamie Thomson and many others.

The agenda will go deep dive on the incoming SQL 2008 R2 release, and  Microsoft “Self-Service” BI platform, code named Gemini (now officially PowerPivot).

Some key areas we’ll be paying special attention include: self-service business intelligence platform, understanding technology roadmap, extensibility  & customization opportunities and  business scenarios based on our own customers feedback .  And there will certainly be plenty of time left to exchange tips & perspectives and improve our contacts network.

Have a nice trip Rui!