We’re getting ready for Building the Future. Take a peek.

We’re a week away from the inaugural edition of Building the Future, an Ativar Portugal event powered by Microsoft, that will give attendees a chance to see and experience the technology that will shape everyone’s daily lives in the near future and hopes to be the largest tech showcase in Portugal.

Taking place on the 29th and 30th of January, in the sumptuous Pavilhão Carlos Lopes, in Lisbon, Building the Future‘s main feature will be the aptly named “Intelligent Day” area where companies will demo and display the tech they’re working on with the goal of making everyone’s lives easier. Attendees will have the chance to partake in themed tours, and as one of the event’s sponsors, DevScope will be part of the “Empower People” tour. Our main draw will be SmartDocumentor Expenses, an AI & Machine Learning solution that will rid employees of tedious and time-consuming paper expenses and save companies a tremendous amount of time and money in the process, by making expenses processing and reimbursement as automatic as possible.

Building the Future will also host many sessions featuring some of the visionaries behind the technology. Among them are our Business Intelligence Manager and Data Platform MVP Rui Romano 29th with the session “Modern BI with Microsoft Power BI” on the 29th, and our Data Researcher and AI&ML resident specialist Rui Quintino with “Lean Artificial Intelligence with Deep Learning and AutoML” on the 30th.

If you’re attending Building the Future, make sure you take the time to embark on the “Empower People” tour or attend one of DevScope’s speakers’ sessions to see some of the work we’re doing. You can also drop by our booth at the event and meet the team.

Tickets for Building the Future are still available. Get them here.

PowerBI Tiles Pro

No tricks, just treats! Get PowerBI Robots and Tiles Pro on Halloween with this 30% off coupon

Halloween is just a couple of nights away, and this year we’re celebrating it with a treat to all fans of our two most popular products: PowerBI Tiles Pro and PowerBI Robots.

If you’re one of those, who haven’t upgraded their trial versions to a full one yet, rejoice! Between October 29th and November 10th, you can purchase PowerBI Tiles Pro and PowerBI Robots with a 30% discount using promo code HALLOWEEN-TILESSUITE-30 at our store’s checkout.

If you still haven’t tried PowerBI Tiles Pro or PowerBI Robots yet, you still have plenty of time to download the trial versions for free and give it a go before the promotion ends.

PowerBI Tiles Pro is a must-have Microsoft Office add-in that allows you to embed real-time or high-resolution screenshots of your Power BI reports and dashboards on PowerPoint, Word, and Outlook.
On the other hand, PowerBI Robots is aimed at business intelligence professionals who need to regularly send reports and dashboards to several people either in or outside their organization. PowerBI Robots allows them to schedule and automatically send data from Power BI via email, to a SharePoint library or generate a URL that streams it on any device.

Try them today and don’t forget to use code TREAT30 to get them at a 30% discount until November 10th.

Send Emails, PDFs or broadcast from Power BI with PowerBI Robots

We are recruiting talent … and we challenge you to join us!


Estamos à procura de  pessoas excepcionais, motivadas e apaixonadas pela tecnologia. Na DevScope incentivamos o desenvolvimento de novas competências, tanto individuais como profissionais e pautamo-nos pelo equilíbrio entre a vida profissional e pessoal de cada colaborador. Reunimos aqui no Porto um ambiente único para o crescimento e formação dos melhores profissionais em tecnologia Microsoft.

Queremos reforçar a equipa com o preenchimento das seguintes vagas:

  • Fullstack .NET Web Developer

    • ASP.NET MVC;
    • Entity Framework e/ou Code-First;
    • Dependency Injection;
    • HTML5, Jquery, AngularJs e/ou KnockOut;
    • SQL Server
  • Project Manager

    • Experiência profissional de mais de 3 anos em gerir e controlar de projecto;
    • Garantir a execução das actividades, cumprimento de prazos, gestão de risco e  custos;
    • Capacidade para sugerir soluções e estratégias de negócio
  • SharePoint Developer

    • Experiência com MS SharePoint (2010, 2013 ou 2016)
    • Experiência com .NET Framework (C# and ASP.NET), REST e SQL Server;
    • Entity Framework e/ou Code-First;
    • Dependency Injection;
    • HTML5, Jquery, AngularJs e/ou KnockOut;
    • Conhecimento em React e SPFx será valorizado

Se reúnes estes requisitos e queres fazer parte desta equipa, envia-nos o teu CV para hrteam@devscope.net

Merry Christmas and a Happy 2017


We would like to thank all our customers and partners for the amazing year we had together.

A good business relationship was what we were aiming for, but you gave us more by adding also your trust…

We are looking forward our future projects in 2017 but in this special season, DevScope wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

HVital awarded at HIMSS Europe 2016


We are proud to announce that HVital at Hospital S. Joao was awarded with the Outstanding ICT Innovation Achievement at the HIMSS Europe 2016 in Barcelona.

We want also to congratulate all the team at Hospital S. Joao and particularly José Pedro Almeida for all the contributions in the development of this important milestone.

HVITAL is an advanced and leading Big Data solution that monitors and assesses millions of clinical records that are spread out across hospital systems to automatically identify (and more importantly alert health professionals) to patients at risk with regard to clinical deterioration, infection management and antibiotic misuse. It is working 24/7, independently from any physiological or psychological stressors, and it is a valuable instrument to help clinical teams in being more proactive in their intervention, allowing them to act sooner on severe clinical problems because they are now more empowered with insightful and actionable information.


HVITAL is being deployed in other hospitals and is also available to be installed in other health organizations. Every year we have seen more and more opportunities to use Machine Learning algorithms in many different industries. We have been productizing some ideas from document recognition to predictive analytics, but the scenarios our team has been implementing are growing every day.

Please feel free to contact and defy us with your next challenge!

Other References in the news:

Windows Server Containers talk at DataCenter Airlift


On November 28, Microsoft Portugal will present an all-new generation of solutions at DataCenter Airlift, an event thought by and for IT Pros.

You can’t miss a day like this, surrounded by news about Windows Service and 2016 System Center, virtualization,  implementation of Azure infrastructures  and services, New Operations Management + Security, monitoring and security in a simple way with Enterprise Mobility + Security, among many other topics. All this will be divided by 3 session tracks, so each one selects the one that best suits your personality and interests.

It is with great pleasure that we announce the presence of our collaborator Pedro Sousa as speaker on a presentation about Managing Micro Services with Windows Server Containers. He will address and explain everything you need to know about the Container development, from the code to the service: using the latest tools, announced at Connect()/2016, like Visual Studio 2017 RC, build your images to Container Registry and deploy to Azure Container Services with Team Foundation Services Continuous Deploy.

This is a free event with very limited vacancies that you will not want to miss, register now!

See you there!

Rui Romano on NetPonto Community speaking about PowerBI


NetPonto is an independent, non-profit community whose goals is to share knowledge on the architectural foundations and software development on the .NET platform.

November 11th, on a beautiful Saturday morning, two enthusiastic speakers accepted the challenge to engage with the public on two different but also very compelling sessions, in the 13th Meeting of the Porto NetPonto community that was held at the Blip offices.

DevScope’s Rui Romano, was one of these speakers, presented an improved version of his well-known session about “Power BI for Developers” showing multiple and new examples on how to integrate Power BI into their owns apps and vice-versa. This one-hour session helped to acknowledge Power BI’s potential as a powerful tool within the developer’s ecosystem and to share with the audience new capabilities of the platform.

 For more information on this or future events, please check the .NET community website: http://netponto.org/.


SharePoint Saturday Lisbon (SPSLisbon) is almost here


Share Point Saturday Lisbon (SPSLisbon) is a non-profit, community-driven event, organized by SPSEvents, that’s dedicated to showcasing all that is great about SharePoint & Office 365.

On December 17, this event will be held in Portugal for the 1st time and DevScope’s team is proud to got invited to lead some sessions. Our two speakers are: Ricardo Calejo  [SharePoint Team Manager] and Sandro Pereira [Azure MVP].

New SharePoint Authentication Standards

In this session Ricardo will talk about SharePoint authentication and authorization using claims, federated identity and OAuth for the add-in model. He’ll also present some real life scenarios of authentication and authorization extensibility with custom claim providers. If you have any doubt about this topic, Calejo will briefly review the amazing SharePoint Standard.

How can PowerApps and Microsoft Flow give power to your SharePoint users

In this session Sandro will address what’s new in SharePoint Services? He will look at these two new offering from Microsoft: PowerApps and Microsoft Flow. What are they? How can you use it? But specially, Sandro will walk through and create from scratch some live demos showing how to create a new PowerApp that connects to a list stored in SharePoint Online, or how to create a new Microsoft Flow that connects to a list stored in SharePoint Online.

Fill free to reach us in Lisbon. Whenever you need, we are available to clarify any doubt that may exist or even if you just want to talk with us. We have always time for you.

If you want to know more information about the event or to register go to SPSLisbon website.

See you in Lisbon.

PowerBI without the cloud – Executive breakfast


Microsoft and Pyramid Analytics have come together to make Microsoft BI on-promise a reality, and to help your organization become data-driven.

Now you can publish PowerBI Desktop content directly into BI Office, creating an integrated, end-to-end, on-promise analytics workflow that enables deeper analytics, integrates data sources, and provides enterprise-grade governance and security—without migrating any data to the public cloud.

Pyramid Analytics helped companies like Volkswagen, Siemens and other major players become completely data-driven and steer their business in the right direction.

Why should you come to our event?

Are your employees spending weeks to create a simple, monthly KPI report? Are your business users tired of arguing with the IT department and vice versa? Are you looking for the best self-service analytics platform on the market? Are you looking thoughtfully designed analytics platform—backed by a robust database architecture—that empowers everyone within their organizations to make data an integral part of their day-to-day processes and decisions

Then this is the right event for you. Come explore the capabilities of BI Office together.

José António Silva  (R&D Director @ DevScope S.A.), Paulo Mena (Cloud & Enterprise Senior Product Marketing Manager at Microsoft Portugal),  Eduardo Azanza (Solutions Architect EMEA at Pyramid Analytics) and Teresa A. Martinez (Sales Director Market in Southern Europe & LATAM) will be present as speakers of this event.

You won’t want to miss!

Buy the Tickets Now!


PowerBI SmartShapes for PowerPoint, Word and Outlook


Hello PowerBI fans!

Believe it or not, PowerBI SmartShapes is now available for PowerPoint, Word and Outlook.

As you know PowerBI SmartShapes allows you to embed PowerBI Visuals into office directly and we have just released new versions of our add-in for Word and Outlook, together with an updated version for PowerPoint.

These versions have lots of improvements so you are welcome enormously all your comments and suggestions. Please keep sending us your valuable feedback. 

The new version is available for download here.

If you don’t know what we are talking about, you can find all the information about Power BI SmartShapes here.

An for even better news: We are offering the 3 versions as a pack for the same price as a single version for a limited amount of time!!! Isn’t that awesome!?

Go and get them now!!!

Please let us know if you need any assistance with your experience using PowerBI SmartShapes by contacting us directly at support@devscope.net.

You can also visit our site.

Enjoy the ride.

Devscope PowerBI Team