Divide & conquer: how 3 teams joined forces to tell Logoplaste’s story

When a project requires an extra deal of cooperation, well-defined roles are essential to make it easier to plan, design and implement.
The client:

Logoplaste is a leading global designer and manufacturer of value-added rigid plastic packaging solutions to a wide range of blue-chip clients. Founded in Portugal in 1976, Logoplaste invented the “wall to wall” business model, supplying packaging from plants installed directly in the clients’ site. The company currently manages 63 factories in 16 countries all over the world.

The problem:

During the past decade, Logoplaste has grown fast, covering many geographical areas, from the USA to Vietnam, Poland to South America. Their old flash website was outdated and didn’t mirror the company’s DNA, its attitude, massive expansion nor its ambition. Not willing to risk losing new business due to wrong perceptions caused by an outdated site, Logoplaste decided to reform it and build a brand new one.

Logoplaste team
Logoplaste is one big family from all over the world. The old website didn’t reflect that though.

The website went live in 2016. It was a massive improvement over the previous version but still had some issues and did not cover the company’s needs. Above all, it still didn’t reflect how Logoplaste wanted to be perceived by the public, its peers and potential clients on an international scale. After roughly a year and a half, the possibility of developing a new website was once more on the table. During an internal meeting, Hugo Ruivo, Logoplaste’s IT Service Manager, happened to mention DevScope.

The Solution:

Logoplaste came to us looking for an intranet portal, one of our main areas of expertise. Their next request though, came as a bit of a surprise: “Do you develop websites as well?”

While we certainly handle both front and backend web development, Logoplaste was also looking for web design and a communication strategy. Not willing to let the client down, we handed this task over to ALTA Digital (then, designsete), a creative agency based in Lisbon.

ALTA Digital is used to long-distance partnerships, but we usually work directly with the client. Daniela Oliveira, DevScope’s Project Manager, handled the project oversight and bridged communications between the three companies.

“It was, undoubtedly, a challenge participating in this project. An exciting and gratifying one! We soon understood Logoplaste’s vision and the path we would have to follow to reach our client’s goal. Despite being geographically separated, all three partners shared the same enthusiasm and commitment to making this project a success, therefore, the distance was never really a problem.”

– Daniela Oliveira, Project Manager, DevScope

During their analysis, ALTA Digital went over Logoplaste’s website objective, target audience, competition, and the industry’s best practices. Google Analytics helped paint a picture of what content was the most searched for and the most relevant. ALTA Digital quickly concluded that the website had a flaw: the site was practically invisible to search engines.

In order to establish what to create, ALTA Digital scheduled 20 Skype calls with Logoplaste top management spread across the globe to understand the challenges they were facing and grasping what needs the new website should address.

Logoplaste team
Logoplaste executives from all over the world chimed in on the new website’s purpose.

After this lengthy and challenging round of interviews, ALTA Digital had enough material to tell a compelling story and set three objectives for Logoplaste’s new website:

  • Communicate with decision makers;
  • Value Logoplaste’s approach to packaging development and production;
  • Show Logoplaste as a dynamic and energetic company, one with a rich history, culture, solid work, and values;

“Logoplaste had a lot of information they weren’t capitalizing on. They are an innovative company, with many patented technologies, but that was never communicated to the world.”

– Carina, Creative Partner, ALTA Digital

Logoplaste embraced ALTA Digital’s vision.

“Logoplaste’s positioning is different from our competition and that’s contributed to some of the new business we’ve won recently. We needed to tell our story not only because we have a great story to tell, but because we have our own language and exclusive market positioning.”

– Magda Merali, Internal Communications Coordinator, Logoplaste

With ALTA Digital handling the web design part, our team at DevScope had a few other challenges on their plate, namely:

  • Implementing ALTA Digital’s design;
  • Developing Logoplaste’s new back office;
  • Managing the project between the three companies;

ALTA Digital was kind enough to provide us with most of the site’s HTML, which made frontend development much faster. As for the backend, we were forced to start from scratch. Updating content required a fair bit of HTML knowledge, making it off-limits to the regular user.

To make updates as easy as possible, we implemented Umbraco, an open source content management system (CMS) platform we’re fond of and often resort to. Besides being super flexible and reliable, Umbraco has a small learning curve, meaning anyone can quickly get the hang of it without much trouble. We also made sure that everything was parameterizable so Logoplaste could adjust every single detail on their new website.


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After delivering the first version of the site, Logoplaste tested it internally and, based on the feedback from its employees worldwide, they requested some changes to make it more user-friendly and allows for faster access to information. The process was akin to rearranging pieces in a puzzle, by restructuring some pages and information. The only newly introduced feature was a tabs module that allows users to absorb information much faster than in the previous version.

Instead of the usual implementation of familiar technologies, this challenge lay in handling a process between three parties. Roles were well defined, tasks were rightly distributed, and everything worked out perfectly.

Just like ALTA Digital, we too ended up developing a trust relationship with Logoplaste and are currently handling new projects for the company, such as the upcoming Human Resources portal. Logoplaste was also kind enough to send new clients our way, a testament to their satisfaction.


Logoplaste’s new website went live on January 31st, 2019.


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“I must say I became apprehensive when DevScope hired ALTA Digital. I thought another player in the project would complicate matters but the truth is, I couldn’t be more pleased. Each company’s role was well defined. We are very pleased with ALTA Digital’s work and Carina Martins’ total availability. Daniela has the calm a Project Manager needs for this sort of endeavor. She pays attention to the client’s request, even when the client isn’t quite sure of what they are asking for. DevScope answered all our needs and always came up with solutions with a professional demeanor.”

– Magda Merali, Internal Communications Coordinator, Logoplaste

What we did:
  • Implemented the front-end design ALTA Digital developed for Logoplaste;
  • Gave Logoplaste’s a new dynamic, fully customizable and easy to use back office on Umbraco CMS;
  • Managed the project from start to finish between three companies;
Products and technologies used:

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How Power BI shaped Olicargo’s global operation

The larger the company, the harder it is to assure everyone is working with the same information.
The Client:

Olicargo is a transport and logistics company with branches in Portugal, Angola, Mozambique, and China, and represented by an international network of over 4.000 offices all over the world. Starting as a modest family business in the late 1980s, Olicargo remained so until 2012 when the newly formed SGM Logistics Group acquired the company and gave it a massive boost. With the introduction of capital, know-how and the “Always moving ahead” philosophy, Olicargo saw its €3M/year business grow to €40M and the small team of 8 employees in Porto and Lisbon jump to a staff of about 250 scattered all over the globe.

The problem:

Olicargo’s international expansion faced a few challenges, chief among them the ability to centralize, access and control information. Much like the company itself, Olicargo‘s data was spread across several countries and systems. Offices worked separately and sent Excel files back and forth between them, a clear sign that the company needed Business Intelligence. After witnessing the work with Power BI DevScope did for Contidis, – an Olicargo partner since day 1 – decision-makers got in touch with our BI team and told us about their need for reliable, readily available information.

The solution:

The Olicargo project started in late 2017, when Ruben Cunha, BI Developer at DevScope, worked on a two-week Proof of Concept (POC) based on data from Excel files relating to cargo handling processes. Olicargo immediately took notice of what Power BI could do for their business and hired Ruben to work with their control and management staff and implement it on site during the following year.

“In two weeks, Power BI gave us what took us months or even years to do. One of DevScope’s advantages is the ability to show results in a short amount of time. It was a display of capacity and potential.”

– Paulo Salgado, CEO at Olicargo

DevScope started by tackling the commercial and operational areas, giving Olicargo a clear vision over their expenses, budgets, sales and margins, processing and customer portfolio. The results were great, and Olicargo decided to expand Power BI to its remaining business areas during the following months, and create detailed Business Intelligence reports for finance, treasury, marketing management, human resources, procurement, warehouse cargo, and fleet management.

Olicargo's Power BI solution architecture
Olicargo’s Power BI solution architecture

Stating that Power BI profoundly altered Olicargo is no understatement. During the process of gathering data to feed these reports, the company took the opportunity to reorganize itself and rethinking many of its internal and external operations.


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Part of DevScope‘s approach when implementing a solution is assuring the client becomes as autonomous as possible using it, so 5 Olicargo staff members were mentored by our team in Power BI solution. It didn’t take them long to become proficient enough to create their reports and dashboards. More importantly, they now fully understand Microsoft’s platform’s capabilities and are identifying new opportunities to add to the company’s reports.

Olicargo Power BI
Olicargo’s staff creates their own reports and identifies new opportunities in Power BI.

Olicargo was also one of DevScope’s first clients to take full advantage of PowerBI Robots, our in-house developed solution that allows users to automate the delivery of Power BI reports and dashboards. Olicargo uses PowerBI Robots internally – to display business indicators in the smart TV’s spread around the company’s HQ –  but, most notably, externally, to regularly and automatically send clients reports of their activity with Olicargo by email. These are not special custom made reports but extracted directly from Olicargo‘s own Power BI, taking full advantage of PowerBI Robots‘ filtering abilities to only show clients the information they need.

Olicargo team using PowerBI Robots
Among other things, Olicargo uses PowerBI Robots to spread operational KPIs around the office.

A little over a year after the project’s kick-off, Power BI has become an integral part of the daily life at Olicargo. The company’s entire operation effectively transitioned to Microsoft‘s platform, and Key Performance Indicators are automatically and continually shared with everyone at Olicargo, be it at the gorgeous container ship-shaped headquarters in northern Portugal or the office in China.

Power BI processes information on a daily basis and sharing Excel files became a thing of the past. So did the many requests between the different areas at Olicargo – everyone is now on the same page and feeding off the same source of information. Gone are the days of sending emails asking how much the company is billing, how much they’re carrying or how many tons of air cargo they’re doing.

Decisions are more educated than ever and backed by the most recent data at hand.

“We broke with the past. Power BI sort of revolutionized the company’s strategic management. It’s now based on Power BI and the information it gives us. I rarely resort to Excel files, and when I do, they’re always connected to Power BI. The whole company is.”

– Paulo Salgado, CEO at Olicargo

What we did:
  • Translated Olicargo’s several business areas to Power BI by creating full-fledged, granular reports of each of them;
  • Mentored Olicargo’s employees in Power BI, effectively making them proficient in the platform;
  • Fully automated internal and external Power BI reports with PowerBI Robots;
Products used:

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We’re getting ready for Building the Future. Take a peek.

We’re a week away from the inaugural edition of Building the Future, an Ativar Portugal event powered by Microsoft, that will give attendees a chance to see and experience the technology that will shape everyone’s daily lives in the near future and hopes to be the largest tech showcase in Portugal.

Taking place on the 29th and 30th of January, in the sumptuous Pavilhão Carlos Lopes, in Lisbon, Building the Future‘s main feature will be the aptly named “Intelligent Day” area where companies will demo and display the tech they’re working on with the goal of making everyone’s lives easier. Attendees will have the chance to partake in themed tours, and as one of the event’s sponsors, DevScope will be part of the “Empower People” tour. Our main draw will be SmartDocumentor Expenses, an AI & Machine Learning solution that will rid employees of tedious and time-consuming paper expenses and save companies a tremendous amount of time and money in the process, by making expenses processing and reimbursement as automatic as possible.

Building the Future will also host many sessions featuring some of the visionaries behind the technology. Among them are our Business Intelligence Manager and Data Platform MVP Rui Romano 29th with the session “Modern BI with Microsoft Power BI” on the 29th, and our Data Researcher and AI&ML resident specialist Rui Quintino with “Lean Artificial Intelligence with Deep Learning and AutoML” on the 30th.

If you’re attending Building the Future, make sure you take the time to embark on the “Empower People” tour or attend one of DevScope’s speakers’ sessions to see some of the work we’re doing. You can also drop by our booth at the event and meet the team.

Tickets for Building the Future are still available. Get them here.

PowerBI Tiles Pro

Transdev unifies its many databases with SQL Server and Power BI

Without the proper setup, a diversity of systems means a huge headache to whoever needs to handle and analyze data. Fortunately, there is a remedy for that.
The client:

Transdev is a French-based public transport group operating in 20 countries. Transdev is a worldwide leader in subway and railway transportation, and one of the major players in bus transportation, employing 82.000 people and with a revenue of over €6.6 billion. Present in Portugal since 1997, Transdev is one of the largest bus and coach operators in the country, with a fleet of over 1.500 vehicles.

The problem:

Transdev’s Portuguese operation grew through a series of mergers and acquisitions but felt some inevitable growing pains. In order to extract reports, the company had to monitor some indicators, such as ticketing and fleet consumption, but faced a huge obstacle: with each assimilated operation using their own set of systems and databases, Transdev had no easy way to connect and cross the amount of information on their hands. The company needed to unify all data from these many different operations and have it working towards the decision-making process.

Transdev launched Citi Express in 2011
Transdev launched Citi Express in 2011
The solution:

Transdev’s relationship with DevScope dates back to 2010 when Rui Romano developed an HTML5 reporting platform that allowed employees to analyze and comment on some indicators that still live on their current Business Intelligence solution. When Transdev contacted him again, asking for a way to unify all their different operations, he was well aware of the company’s current situation. The project seemed challenging and presented another perfect opportunity to put Rui Romano’s “Start Small and Grow Big” work methodology to good use. In practice, it means implementing a solution in an Agile way with short and fast stages, modifying it to answer any of the clients’ problems and scale it according to their needs. Since this allows for a tailored approach, clients only need to implement solutions according to their business needs.

Stage #1 – Unifying different systems through a Data Warehouse

Nuno Miguel Silva, José Barbosa, and Bruno Ferreira, BI consultants at DevScope, designed a Data Warehouse – nicknamed Prometheus – that would feed on over a dozen of Transdev’s Ticketing (Datacar, Wayfarer, and Card4B) and Operation (ABC) databases.

Transdev’s ETL Framework

Due to the different nature of these systems, the DevScope team developed a fast and dynamic ETL Framework for Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), allowing for faster design and development of ETL solutions and making it easier to change configurations. Prometheus serves as an intermediary on the entire processing, receiving data from its original databases and transforming it to be used afterward.


“The diversity of systems made the process a little bit more complicated. And, on top of that, we found that users would be using different methods, even when working on the same system. Because of that, we had to standardize processes.”

– Maria Gabriel, Application Manager and Data Scientist at Transdev

The Data Warehouse with DevScope’s ETL framework gave Transdev a central platform to extract, transform and load data. Whenever a new data source comes in, Transdev’s IT department has no trouble adding it to the data warehouse: all they need to do is configure a few metadata tables. The company also had to normalize the way their workers handled it. Prior to the introduction of Prometheus, Excel was Transdev’s tool of choice but individual edits to files made data management slow and figures unreliable. The entire decision-making process was compromised.

Stage #2 – Introducing Power BI

After regulating Transdev’s different systems through a data warehouse, the next step was to output such a large amount of information. Given its integration with SQL Server, Power BI was the logical choice for the task. Rui Romano is a well-known advocate of Power BI’s virtues and demoing it was enough for Transdev to realize how interactive reports and dashboards could dramatically change several areas of their operation. The company currently has 30 active Power BI Pro users and generates 10 different reports, ranging from ticketing to fleet consumption.


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Prometheus is updated every day so Transdev technicians can always count on a fresh batch of trustworthy data in the morning when they arrive at the office. Real-time analytics is not necessary and because the entire process requires a lot of computing resources, updating outside working hours makes the process seamless.


Speed and information reliability were the first noticeable aspects of Transdev‘s data warehouse used in combination with Power BI. Understandably, some of Transdev’s methods of analysis completely changed to accommodate the new solution.

“Information is now more reliable, available, and has the granularity that allows us to make better decisions.”

– João Soares, Director of Purchases and IT at Transdev

Transdev’s platform is a work in progress and a testament to the “Start Small, Grow Big” approach. After working out the basics – the data warehouse and business analysis platform – the DevScope team keeps introducing new features according to the client’s needs. Just recently, we added the option to import CSV files to the warehouse.

Transdev hopes that the system becomes increasingly dynamic and able to quickly react to changes in ticket prices and promotions from competing companies. Their long-term goal for the platform is to have it dictate the business itself, i.e., use data to launch new products and support the company’s evolution.


Transdev is a multinational group, present in 5 continents, and their technicians meet regularly to see what each team has been doing and exchange some learnings. After watching Transdev Portugal’s Power BI dashboard in action, other teams were very impressed and keen on adopting these solutions.

What we did:
  • Unified Transdev’s radically different databases through a data warehouse
  • Developed a fast and dynamic ETL framework for SQL Server Integration Services that quickly adapts to new changes and data sources
  • Gave Transdev a state-of-the-art reporting tool in the form of Power BI, delivering accurate and up-to-date information to make educated business decisions
Products used:

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How to embed Power BI reports in emails

Sending Power BI reports by email is one of the most used PowerBI Robots features and one that’s been available since its launch, back in March this year. Users have been able to send Power BI reports as an image or PDF attached to their email, but the most recent update to PowerBI Robots introduces a much-requested feature: the ability to embed those reports in the email’s body.

The whole process is very simple:

Log into the web agent, and either create a new playlist or edit an existing one.Screenshot (56)

On the General tab, select Image as the output format.Screenshot (57)

Scroll down to the Email Message, and edit it however you wish. With the cursor placed where you wish to embed a Power BI report, click the down arrow next to the pound (#) sign and either select All Report Images (to insert a token that embeds your entire playlist images in a row) or One Report Image (to embed just one image from your playlist).Screenshot (59)

If you select the last option, the token #REPORT_IMAGE_X# is inserted in your email body. Replace the X with the corresponding report number on your playlist (starting from 1) to embed it in your email.Screenshot (58)

Click Update, open the PowerBI Robots desktop agent to synchronize your playlists after these changes, and you’re done. Your playlist recipients will now be able to see the reports embedded in their emails.Screenshot (60)

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding PowerBI Robots, please leave a comment or send an email to powerbi@devscope.net.

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PowerBI Robots version 2.1.1 is here with the features you requested

Client feedback is a crucial aspect of our development process, and we are always open to requests from those who use our products. Since its last big update, our product team received many requests to add features to PowerBI Robots that could address some problems felt by clients all over the world.

To those who contacted us with the hopes of seeing some of their issues addressed by PowerBI Robots, we are glad to announce that version 2.1.1 is now available for download.

Version 2.1.1 of PowerBI Robots includes the following new features:

  • Users can now choose to stop sending playlists whenever they encounter a timeout/error;
  • Images can now be embedded in emails instead of attached;
  • Improved PDF image quality – now exactly the same as when you export from Power BI;
  • New PDF size format available: US letter size;
  • Overall improved performance;

Click here to update to PowerBI Robots 2.1.1 now.

If you’re running into some issues after installing PowerBI Robots version 2.1.1 or would like to suggest more features for future releases, please email us at support@devscope.net. Your feedback is always welcome.

Embed Power BI reports and dashboards in PowerPoint, Word and Outlook

Save the date: we’re hosting the Global Office 365 Developer Bootcamp on November 30th

With over 135 million monthly active users, Office 365 is the most popular productivity suite on the planet. For developers, Office 365 is also an incredible opportunity, with business-critical data and millions of users combined on a platform designed to keep people in their workflow. Developers can take advantage of this setting and create intelligent and connected products and solutions with tools they use daily.

Following the success of last year’s edition, Microsoft turned the Global Office 365 Developer Bootcamp into an annual event. It is a free, one-day training event led by Microsoft MVPs with the support of Microsoft. Developers worldwide are invited to attend it to learn the latest on the Office 365 platform including Microsoft Graph, SharePoint framework, Microsoft Teams, Office add-ins, connectors and actionable messages and apply what you learn to your future projects. Developers can apply these learnings to their products or solutions to achieve more right away.


Along with our partner BindTuning, DevScope is hosting the Portuguese Global Office 365 Developer Bootcamp on November 30th and everyone is invited to join it. The event lasts the whole day and features an all-star group of developers:

  • Beatriz Oliveira, Microsoft Office Development MVP
  • João Sousa, Microsoft Visual Studio and Development Technologies MVP
  • José António Silva, Microsoft Regional Director
  • Pedro Sousa, Microsoft Azure MVP
  • Sandro Pereira, Microsoft Azure MVP
  • Rui Silva, .NET & web developer
  • Pedro Almeida, Software Developer Engineer, Dynamics Solutions
  • Carlos Silva, Platform Lead at BindTuning
  • João Ferreira, SharePoint Lead at BindTuning

Entrance is free, but due to space availability, you must register beforehand here.

Meet us at the European SharePoint, Office 365 & Azure Conference 2018

DevScope is traveling to Copenhagen, not on a quick vacation but to get everything ready for the European SharePoint, Office 365 & Azure Conference 2018. The largest European conference on these subjects is taking place between November 26th and November 29th, and we return as sponsors. If you’re attending, make sure to stop by stand E-46 to meet our team and get to know some of our freshest work.

This year, our stand’s main focused will be SmartDocumentor Expenses, our most recent solution, and your company’s accountant unknowingly new favorite app. SmartDocumentor Expenses is the fastest and easiest way to process and reimburse employee business expenses. All it takes is a picture of an expense sent by email (no additional mobile apps required!), and SmartDocumentor’s Robotic Process Automation (RPA) engine takes care of classifying, processing and integrating it in your company’s ERP or ECM. We are very excited about this newest member of our growing SmartDocumentor suite and want to share its SharePoint integration abilities, as well as money and time-saving capabilities, with anyone attending.

Besides SmartDocumentor Expenses, you’ll find our Portals & Integration team on the stand, happy to share with everyone some of the amazing work they’ve been doing on SharePoint. If your company is in need of a new intranet portal, drop by stand E-46 and see how SharePoint can answer your company’s many needs.

See you on monday in Copenhagen!

Send Emails, PDFs or broadcast from Power BI with PowerBI Robots

Black Friday season is here! Grab PowerBI Tiles Pro and PowerBI Robots for 30% off

Black Friday starts a day earlier at DevScope with an unmissable sale on our two most popular products: PowerBI Robots and PowerBI Tiles Pro.

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PowerBI Tiles Pro is a must-have Microsoft Office add-in that allows you to embed real-time or high-resolution screenshots of your Power BI reports and dashboards on PowerPoint, Word, and Outlook.
On the other hand, PowerBI Robots is aimed at business intelligence professionals who need to regularly send reports and dashboards to several people either in or outside their organization. PowerBI Robots allows them to schedule and automatically send data from Power BI via email, to a SharePoint library or generate a URL that streams it on any device.

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Embed Power BI reports and dashboards in PowerPoint, Word and Outlook

No tricks, just treats! Get PowerBI Robots and Tiles Pro on Halloween with this 30% off coupon

Halloween is just a couple of nights away, and this year we’re celebrating it with a treat to all fans of our two most popular products: PowerBI Tiles Pro and PowerBI Robots.

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If you still haven’t tried PowerBI Tiles Pro or PowerBI Robots yet, you still have plenty of time to download the trial versions for free and give it a go before the promotion ends.

PowerBI Tiles Pro is a must-have Microsoft Office add-in that allows you to embed real-time or high-resolution screenshots of your Power BI reports and dashboards on PowerPoint, Word, and Outlook.
On the other hand, PowerBI Robots is aimed at business intelligence professionals who need to regularly send reports and dashboards to several people either in or outside their organization. PowerBI Robots allows them to schedule and automatically send data from Power BI via email, to a SharePoint library or generate a URL that streams it on any device.

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Send Emails, PDFs or broadcast from Power BI with PowerBI Robots