Have you tried Power BI Tiles Pro yet?


Time is too valuable to waste it on screen clipping and low-quality copy-pasted images. Power BI Tiles Pro has a new desktop version with much cooler features that will allow you to embed your Power BI Visuals in seconds, and become more agile and productive. In order to stop wasting your valuable time, simply open your favorite Microsoft Office product (Outlook, Word or PowerPoint), log in and navigate thru Power BI directly from Office, embedding your or your team’s dashboard and reports. Yes, it is astonishingly simple!


What is Power BI Tiles Pro?

Power BI Tiles Pro is a “pack” featuring two versions of the product:

  • Power BI Tiles Pro Desktop for Office: Microsoft Office add-ins that allow you to embed your or your team’s Power BI Visuals into PowerPoint presentations, Word documents and Outlook Messages quickly and without ever leaving office.
  • Power BI Tiles Online: An online version of Power BI Tiles that allows you to embed Power BI visualizations into Microsoft Office documents (Access Online, Excel 2013 Service Pack 1 (or higher), Excel Online, PowerPoint 2013 Service Pack 1 (or higher)).

What is Power BI Tiles Pro Desktop for Office? How does it work? What’s new?

These Microsoft Office add-ins allow you to embed your or your team’s Power BI Visuals (dashboards and reports) directly into your Microsoft Office documents and perform several effects operations with it. Most importantly, it allows you to selectively update/refresh those visuals at any time keeping the original formatting with just one click.

“Quite simply, a MUST-HAVE Power BI add-in” – Jonas Young

“The missing piece for Power BI integration into Office. Simply fantastic” – Paul Stevens

“Awesome work. Top add-in. Worked perfectly for me. You guys rock!” – Stewart Langley

You can now install Power BI Tiles Pro: Online and Desktop:

  • Download Power BI Tiles Pro Online from the Microsoft Store
    • Note: To install Power BI Tiles Pro Online follow the steps described in the Microsoft Store;
  • Download Power BI Tiles Pro Desktop zip package
    • To install Power BI Tiles Pro Desktop, unzip the file downloaded previously from the website and install the executable add-in files (one for each Microsoft product – Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Outlook);
    • Run the setup program and follow the instructions shown on your screen for the installation program;

To activate your license you just need to register with your Power BI account (on the online or desktop version). To receive the activation keys, go to our store. You will receive an email with your 4-activation key: one to the online solution and three others to use on each module of the desktop solution.


To activate your licenses:

  • On Power BI Tiles Pro Online: Click on the “Store” button, open the “Activate license” tab and insert the provided online activation key;
  • On Power BI Tiles Pro Desktop: Open the add-in tab in each Microsoft product, click on “Activate license” and insert the provided activation key for that product;

Feel free to try our product and check some of the new and improved features of Power BI Tiles Pro:

  • Add Power BI Visuals: Add visuals (dashboard tiles & reports) to your slide deck, Word document or Outlook message with a powerful Power BI interactivity and experience
    • We now support Power BI Public Web Reports – *new*


  • Manual & Automatic Refresh Process: Automate the Refresh process to ensure all images use the latest data in powerbi.com
    • You can now insert and update or refresh your Power BI visuals in real-time, keeping the inserted shapes or visuals with the same applied format. Power BI Tiles Pro will allow you to update the static images with the latest data from Power BI while keeping all formats, resizes, and locations intact.


  • High Definition Images: Use high definition static images when embedding and apply any kind of styles or formatting;


  • Visuals catalog preview: Preview and select the items you wish to insert while navigating through your Power BI visuals catalog;


Why is this app so cool?

Power BI Tiles Pro is so great because it removes the need to take snapshots of your visualizations and update your documents before an important meeting or presentation. These add-ins allow you to create dynamic documents with “refreshable” Power BI Visuals that you can share with other people even if they don’t have Power BI Tiles Pro installed.

Don’t forget to give it a try and send us your feedback. Download Power BI Tiles Pro.

Embed Power BI reports and dashboards in PowerPoint, Word and Outlook

TechRefresh session recordings are now online on Channel9

Developer Tech Refresh: Lisboa

On 15 June, Microsoft Portugal gathered around 300 attendees in Lisbon for a TechRefresh meeting – an event to update the community about new the releases and many other updates to the platform.

Our team got invited to lead some sessions supporting four speakers: José António Silva, Pedro Sousa, José Barbosa and Rui Quintino.

All the sessions were recorded and are now available in Channel9 here.

Our sessions

Docker containers – what it means for .NET Developers

was the topic presented by José António Silva (aka. Canoas) and Pedro Sousa. It meant to motivate developers for the new trends regarding micro-services and how those would impact the development, deployment and scalability in this new generation of container-based Operating Systems. The full session recording (with some audio glitches) can be found here:

Docker containers – what it means for .NET Developers
Tags: #docker, #nano, #azure, #powershell

Applications that Learn

by Rui Quintino, gave an interesting view over the cross between Machine Learning techniques and it’s applicability with some application´s aspects the developers would traditionally crafted manually. Full session can be found here:

Applications that LearnTags: #azureml, #machinelearning, #azure

Real Time Insights with Azure Stream Analytics

by Jose Barbosa demonstrated a full scenario of capturing real-time data and all the streaming, filtering and enrichment using the cloud. The scenario also included the integration with the recently launched real-time APIs for PowerBI. The session´s recording can be found here:

Real Time Insights with Azure Stream Analytics

Tags: #streamanalytics, #azure, #powerbi

Rui Quintino’s guest Interview on Microsoft Power BI Developer Blog

Microsoft Power BI

Don’t miss the latest news from the official PowerBI Developer Blog. It features a guest interview with Rui Quintino, who talks about the latest DevScope initiatives and research around the new Power BI platform, with special focus on Power BI Developer APIs.

Read the full blog post on the official PowerBI Developer Blog and dont’t forget to install the Send To Power BI Excel App (while it’s FREE).

Azure Stream Analytics e PowerBI no ITPro Airlift

IT-Pro-Airlift-Data-Platform-logoA equipa da DevScope contribuirá com dois oradores para o primeiro evento técnico do ano dedicado às plataformas de Dados e Cloud (Azure).

Este evento pretende demonstrar o que poderá fazer com a nova geração de soluções de dados da Microsoft nos seus projetos, a Microsoft Data Platform. Ao longo do dia irá conhecer o que pode fazer com o novo SQL Server, as novidades na área de Business Intelligence e Data Warehousing, e o potencial de novos serviços na Cloud para Business Analytics suportados no Microsoft Azure.

Rui Quintino vai estrear um tema novo com várias demonstrações de “Azure Stream Analytics” aplicado ao processamento de dados recolhidos via equipamentos espalhados pela internet (IoT, EventHubs). O processamento desses eventos, juntando outros dados analiticos, é depois encaminhado para Real-Time Dashboards ou até mesmo PowerBI.

À mesma hora, o Rui Romano apresenta um tema mais dirigido ao Excel Power-User com  o “Self-service BI: Excel & Power BI”. Êsta é uma sessão muito prática com excelentes dicas de PowerQuery, Power BI, PowerPivot, PowerView, entre outras coisas muito boas no Excel.

O evento irá ocorrer no próximo dia 22 de Janeiro no Microsoft Lisbon Experience em Lisboa. As inscrições são limitadas, não tem custos de inscrição mas é obrigatório que reserve o seu lugar aqui.

Confira a agenda abaixo:


SQLSaturday comes to Porto on Oct 18th

SQLSaturday #341 Porto 2014 – Port-Wine Edition

SQLSaturday#341 Porto is almost here! On Oct 18th this event will be held at ISEP – Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto.  This is the fourth time that the conference takes place in Portugal, and a premiere in Porto.

PASS’s SQLSaturdays are community-driven events for database professionals that join together international speakers, providing a variety of high-quality technical sessions, and making it all happen through the efforts of volunteers and sponsors.

This year alignment brings many International speakers, including Scott Klein (keynote), Ruben Pertusa Lopez, Tillmann Eitelberg Oliver Engels, Denis Reznik, Fabiano Neves Amorim, Cathrine Wilhelmsen, Mark Broadbent, Enrique Catala, Regis Baccaro and many more, check the full agenda here.

Our team at DevScope is already involved in the event and we recommend you reserve your seat as soon as possible too. Some of our coleagues were invited to deliver sessions. Our contributions range from Cloud Services to Server Automation or Mobile Development. There are plenty of opportunities to meet us in our hometown:

  • 10:30 – Build mobile applications with Xamarin Forms by Rui Marinho [Xamarin]
    Xamarin.Forms is a cross platform library that allows you to build native user interfaces for Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android and Windows Phone with C# and XAML.
  • 12:00 – Introduction to Microsoft Azure BizTalk Services by Sandro Pereira [Microsoft Integration MVP]
    In this session we’ll look at the new integration services in the cloud. From EAI to EDI, using trading partner profiles, schemas, maps and flat-files. And we will discuss the challenges of upgrading/migrating BizTalk Server to the cloud.
  • 14:00 – 10 tips everyone should know about PowerShell (TBA) by José António Silva
  • 15:00 – We will also have a Devscope sponsored session to be lead by our BI team at Hospital S. João. Rui Quintino and his team will be sharing some of their tools and tips and offering some invitations for Azure Machine Learning training at DevScope. Stay tuned!

You can follow the schedule updates here and make sure you get your registration as soon as possible.

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Unidades de Saúde Familiar com projeto BI na Cloud

As tecnologias de Business Intelligence estão no centro da plataforma agora lançada e que colocam online de forma agregada todos os indicadores de actividade das unidades que prestam cuidados de saúde primários. 

O passado dia 3 de Junho marcou o lançamento oficial do portal BI|USF. Neste portal as cerca de 400 Unidades de Saúde Familiar (USF) partilham experiências e boas práticas, dão a conhecer o seu trabalho e as mais valias do modelo USF. O evento de lançamento decorreu no auditório da Microsoft, com a presença de vários convidados, USFs e responsáveis das ARS.

A par de uma área de consulta pública todas as USFs têm agora ao dispor uma área privada de trabalho, com funcionalidades de partilha, suporte à contratualização, acompanhamento de indicadores/dashboards e processos de melhoria contínua.


Com quase 5 milhões de cidadãos inscritos, as 386 Unidades de Saúde Familiar espalhadas pelo país envolvem 7 mil profissionais. São a face mais visível de uma profunda reforma no sistema de prestação de cuidados de saúde primários, que acelerou o passo em 2006 e que se mantém.

O BI das USF quer ajudar a afirmar a identidade do modelo, demonstrar os seus ganhos em termos de saúde, eficiência, criar mecanismos de melhoria continua e promover a transparência.
“Apesar da sua diversidade e dos resultados positivos que apresentam, as pessoas continuam a desconhecer um pouco o que são as USF. Continua a ser difícil passar a imagem do que são, qual o seu contributo e qual foi o seu impacto nos cuidados de saúde”, defende José Luís Biscaia (na foto) em entrevista ao Jornal de Negócios.


Parcerias operacionalizam ideia

Além do protocolo com a ACSS, o BI das USF nasce tirando partido de parcerias com a indústria, mas também com as ordens dos médicos, enfermeiros e farmacêuticos. A associação a estes parceiros tem em vista a colaboração na identificação ou aferição de novos indicadores que permitam medir ou qualificar a actividade. Já a parceria com três escolas do país (escolas de negócios da UP e da UNL e Centro de Estudos e Investigação em Saúde da UC) têm como principal objectivo criar condições para fomentar a investigação, potenciando o valor da informação existente.

Cloud Computing

A Microsoft é a parceira tecnológica do projecto e para além da plataforma SharePoint 2013 e SQL 2012, este novo portal de dados corre diversos componentes de BI da Microsoft e da DevScope. Adicionalmente a toda a implementação da solução, a DevScope também instalou todo datacenter virtual sobre a plataforma cloud do Microsoft Azure.


Com grande parte do esforço dedicado ao modelo de dados multi-dimensional e respectivas aplicações de exploração na Web, não seria possível implementar todo o projecto em tão curto espaço de tempo sem a agilidade dos serviços na Cloud do Microsoft Azure.

Site: www.biusf.pt

Promotores: www.usf-an.pt e www.acss.min-saude.pt
Ordens Profissionais: www.ordemdosmedicos.pt, www.ordemenfermeiros.pt e www.ordemfarmaceuticos.pt
Parceiros Académicos: www.pbs.up.pt, www.uc.pt/org/ceisuc, www.novasbe.unl.pt e www.novasbe.pt
Parceiros Institucionais: www.msd-uk.com, www.menarini.com e www.anf.pt

ITEuropa’s best “Big Data Business Intelligence and Analytics Solution of the Year”


We are very honored to announce DevScope won of the categories in 2014’s ITEuropa Awards.

ITEuropa’s European IT & Software Excellence Awards 2014 recognises best practices in customer solutions by Systems Integrators, solution VARs and ISVs across europe. The event also recognises service excellence from the vendor and distributor community. The Gala awards dinner took place at the Lancaster London hotel on the 26th March 2014.

Here is a short description of the project that won best “Big Data Business Intelligence and Analytics Solution of the Year”:

One of the main Challenges in this project is that in Portuguese Hospitals patient data is typically spread across dozens of heterogeneous information Systems like the electronic health record, lab, imaging, and pharmacy systems, a clear obstacle to these organizations who are desperate to take advantage of all the information stored in order to create value and improve the present reality.

DevScope has addressed this issue by developing a powerful data integration and analysis platform, capable of achieving a consolidated and immediate view of all the relevant clinical and business information electronically stored every minute.

This platform also allows its users to do clinical and epidemiological studies, quickly realizing the treatment therapies being applied and the lab tests performed, which disorders and symptoms are present, patient’s geography, who is treating the patients, the clinical picture when the patients entered the hospital and what prognosis was given to them on the exit, in seconds.

Based on the analysis of historical data classified by this platform in relation to patient at risk of clinical deterioration, the Hospital is now able to automatically anticipate 30% of ICU admissions and 50% of non-ICU inpatient deaths in the 7 days before the event.

Timely action upon those patients can prevent death and potentially save over S2.7m/year.

The other finalists were RoambiAP2S Openfield and Exceedra.

Facebook photo album: https://www.facebook.com/devscope/posts/10153909491525147

H.S.João and DevScope winners in the Microsoft Health Users Group Innovation Awards 2014

H.S.João and DevScope winners in the Microsoft Health Users Group Innovation Awards 2014

Winners were just announced at the Microsoft Health Users Group Forum. The event is taking place during the HIMSS 2014 in Orlando and joins the industry’s innovators from all over the world.

A full press release was published this morning at:
http://portal-chsj.min-saude.pt/frontoffice/pages/16?news_id=131 (In Portuguese)

The announcement from Microsoft is already public here:
Microsoft Health Users Group Celebrates Recipients of 2014 Innovation Awards at HIMSS

“São João Hospital and DevScope developed and implemented the VITAL – SurVeillance, MoniToring and ALert solution based on Microsoft’s business intelligence capabilities, including SQL Server 2012 Enterprise Edition, across the hospital to help analyze and correlate the massive amounts of patient data housed and spread within its several systems. The solution automatically identifies, scores, and promptly alerts hospital staff about patients at risk for clinical deterioration, helping staff address the situation where possible. It is also able to anticipate 30 percent of intensive care unit (ICU) admissions and 50 percent of non-intensive care unit (ICU) inpatient deaths within seven days before the event.”

We are proud to be part of this team and this is yet another recognition for the results that we have been witnessing year after year.

Look forward to inspire others to do more, with less: Go BI Team!

SQL Saturday em Lisboa

SQL Saturday 2013

Decorre já amanhã, em Lisboa, o evento SQL Saturday . A entrada é *livre* e conta com o apoio da DevScope. O Rui Quintino inicia um dos 5 tracks de sessões logo pelas 9h com a sessão: Faster than the speed of light”… with #MSBI . Pode consultar a agenda detalhada do SqlSaturday #188 Portugal aqui. Já estão inscritos mais de 340 participantes! Siga no twitter com a hashtag #sqlsatportugal.

XXXII Encontro da Comunidade SQLPort

Realiza-se no dia 2 de Março de 2013 (Sábado), o XXXII Encontro da comunidade SQLPort, que tem como objectivo a partilha de experiências e conhecimento entre os profissionais e entusiastas de SQL Server em Portugal. O evento vai ser realizado no PORTO, no auditório da Rumos Portugal, pelas 10:00, sendo a entrada livre para todos os inscritos.

10:00 – 10:30 Abertura e recepção. (dar tempo caso comboio ou taxi atrase)
10:30 – 10:45 Apresentação de Comunidade
10:45 – 11:45 “”Data Driven” Business Intelligence” – Rui Quintino (Senior Architect – Devscope) 
11:45 – 12:00 Coffee-break
12:00 – 13:00 “SQL Server Internal Storage” – Bruno Basto (Consultor Senior – Rumos)
13:00 – 13:10 Sorteio de Prémios e Fecho

A inscrição é livre e gratuita e pode ser feita aqui.