SG Q+IDI Certifications

SG Q+ IDI Certifications
SG Q+ IDI Certifications

DevScope recently met the requirements for ISO9001 (Quality) and NP4457 (Research, Develompment and Innovation) and is now certified by APCER.

We are proud to achieve this 2013 goal and we believe this milestone is an enormous step to guarantee a continuous improvement cycle in our team. The practices, processes, quality gates and feedback procedures will help us better fulfil our employees, partners and customers goals as we aim for greater and consistent satisfaction in all the services we provide.

As we celebrate 10 years as a company, we could not have a better foundation in place for next decade, and we look forward to an even greater 2014. Thank you all!

Collaboration is GOLD

Devscope's MPN Certifications
Devscope’s MPN Certifications

DevScope received from Microsoft the recognition as a reference partner in implementing Collaboration and Content solutions. The “GOLD” level is the highest rank in the Microsoft Partner Program. This award consolidates the position of DevScope as an implementation partner and a supplier of SharePoint solutions, with recognized expertise and proven results.

The current Microsoft competence model, recognizably the most demanding and better adjusted to the different areas of technological competence, also brings additional advantages to the supplier’s selection process, by means of better competence differentiation in each specialization skill.

Again we need to sincerely thank our clients for their permanent and demanding challenges, which are a key factor in our motivation and continuous evolution.